The Power of Words in Your Life

Today there are many channels on TV and radio that are given over to what we call “Talk Shows”. Some masquerade as news channels, but they are really talk shows. To verify their right to be on the air they must spew out a lot of words to keep their audience interested. There are many people who spend their day just listening to talk shows. This brings the question to mind, “What is the power of words in your life?”

A Question of Words

There used to be a little mantra that went like this: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Do you believe that? If you do, then you need to rethink your position. Not that what other people say about you, but what you say is what will affect you. The greatest and most influential man to ever walk on the earth had this to say about your words: By YOUR words you will be justified and by YOUR words you will be condemned.

That is a very thought-provoking statement. He is saying that the words that YOU speak will determine the things that you will experience in this life and what the outcome of your experiences will be. Notice that it is not what others say about you or what they try to do to you that will determine your destiny. Notice, also, that it is not what you “think” about you, but it is what you say about you.

Let’s contrast words to thinking

There is nothing wrong with having positive and uplifting thoughts. They help to define how your attitude will be in circumstances that arise in your life. But thoughts, or thinking, is an internal process and affects the “inner person”. So, while it may produce an inner serenity and positive attitude and outlook for you, it does not affect the outer circumstances. Now, I am basing this on what this great man said. You may wonder if this has ever been put to the test and, if so, what were the results. It has been, and we shall share the results later in this blog.

The “words” we are talking about are the audible intonations of communication. We all know that words, or the representation of words, is often put in the form of print and displayed on paper or on a screen such as the one you are reading on this screen. However, these are not the words to which he referred. The words referred to are those which you speak with your physical mechanisms with which you were endowed as a human being. No other created being has the ability to communicate in the complex way that human beings have. Of course, animals do communicate, but not in the grammatical way that humans do.

Words are information

In the simplest sense, words are transporters of information. For instance, if I say the word “car”, you do not visualize the letters “c”, “a”, “r”, but rather a framework that has four wheels with an engine and transmission which is able to transport people from one place to another. And depending on your age, interests and abilities, much more information than that. So when you speak words you are affecting and effecting everyone who hears you.

So, you see, that the words you speak carry not only a great deal of information but that information affects and influences those who hear it and will act upon it. Are you beginning to catch a glimpse of the awesome power of spoken words.

The best example of the power of spoken words

The best example of the power of spoken words that I know of are found in the Holy Bible. The Bible is the history of the Earth and the universe that we exist in. I know that there are some who question that, but do they have a viable and sound alternative? If they are truthful, they will admit that they do not.

When God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, the narrative uses the phrase “And God said” nine times. Only on the sixth day did God “form” something from existing creation, and that was His ultimate creation, MAN. The power of the “spoken word” was how God created all that you see or hear or experience. So, if God chose the tool of words by which to build a universe, should we not consider them as tools for us, who are created in His image, as well.

Now, as we saw how God used words to be creative, we must also be aware that in a fallen world words can be tools of destruction, too. This is evident in the statement I mentioned earlier where the greatest man ever to walk the earth, his name is Jesus, said that, “by your words you will be condemned”. So you see, words can bring destruction.

Exactly how does this work. Let’s look at it first from the positive side. In Isaiah 55:11 God says it this way: “So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth, it shall not return to me void(or empty) but it shall accomplish that which I please and shall prosper in the thing where unto I sent it.” Notice that the God way is that He speaks His word and is specific in what He speaks. That phrase, “prosper in the thing”, means, “it does what it says”. So, when you are facing a problem or a situation, the God like approach is to speak God’s word, that relates to that situation, to that situation. If you do it God’s way, then He obligates Himself to see that it comes out the way His Word says it will. You must speak it out loud to the circumstance. The Word of God when spoken out loud carries the power of God in them.

There is the negative side of this power which God endowed man with when He created him in His image. Suppose you are attacked by sickness or financial calamity. What do you say? Let me give you a personal example. Years ago I was in the building business. There is a saying which is common in that trade which I “fell” for and repeated. I am going to print it, but I learned never to speak it out loud the hard way. The saying is: “In the building business it is either boom or but,” meaning it is either going great or you are going broke. You can guess what I am getting at. Yes, it went great, and then I went broke. God used that experience to show me that “by my words I would be condemned.” Having seen the proof in the negative, I chose to believe God’s word in the positive, and it was so.

There are so many opportunities in this life for us to speak the negative. But isn’t it wonderful that our Creator gave us the ability to choose. We can choose the positive and speak the positive. How do we do that. Jesus gave us the way when in Matthew 12:34 He said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. When speaking of the “heart”, Jesus is speaking of the inner man, the real you. Whatever you have filled up your life with, the negative news, the negative talk shows, or the positive Word of God, that is what you are going to speak to your situation.

Let me share an example from my own life. Fifteen years ago I had to check into the VA hospital because I was experiencing lack of energy. Even as I went I was speaking, out loud, “by the stripes of Jesus I am healed. He bore all my sickness and all my diseases and with His stripes I am healed.” That was among other scriptures I spoke out loud. At the hospital, after giving a blood sample, the lab asked for another sample. The doctor was not sure why but he took another sample. Twenty minutes later the head of the lab came down to the emergency room. His reason for coming was that “he wanted to see the “dead man” who had given that blood”. The lab test showed that I did not have enough blood platelets to be alive. But that is not what my words were. My words said that Jesus bore the disease that was trying to afflict me. God honored His word. I took their treatments, after all, doctors are on God’s side because they want to heal people. Since that time have not had any symptoms of the cancer that tried to come against me. In fact, as I continue to speak the Word of God out of the abundance of my heart, I have been in the best health of my life.

I could share some examples from the negative side of people I have known that in their sickness they spoke the negative or allowed for the negative and that is what they received.


If you have been awakened to the power of words in your life through the reading of this blog, I hope that you will make the positive decision to fill up your heart with the word of God so that you can by your words be justified rather than condemned. God is eager to perform His Word for you. It delights Him so when His children take Him at His word.

Begin, today, to walk in His divine blessing for you.






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