The Purpose of Life

Modern education has taught us that all life came about by accident and evolution.  How all this came about is a matter of speculation and made up fairy tales. If everything came about by accident, what is the purpose of life?

Evolution and chance

Those who preach evolution say that life’s purpose is to propagate itself.  This assumes that it has a purpose. But, if life is a happening of chance and accident, how can that show a purpose?

What are the chances?

They also promote the idea that there is a constant struggle for sustenance.  That means there is competition for the food supply. If that is so, why should any life form propagate itself?  To do that creates more competition for the food supply. It becomes a self-defeating proposition.

Evolution is illogical

If evolution were a viable scientific hypothesis it would be logical and conform to the scientific laws.  Evolution is a contradiction to most of the scientific laws which we know to be true.

Let us state just a few of these laws which evolution and its co-conspirators must contradict.

Scientific laws

For a beginning, let’s look at the law of cause and effect. To begin, The Big Bang is an extension of the religion of evolution, though they try to deny it.  The Big Bang says that all that we see in the universe came from nothing. They call that nothing a singularity.  Back to cause and effect. 

Cause and effect

The law of cause and effect says that “the cause is always greater than the effect.”  In other words, the universe is the effect and that which caused it is greater. As we understand Einstein’s equation, e=mc2, that is a lot of power in the universe.  Whatever brought about the universe has to be more powerful to bring about the effect of the universe. The preachers of The Big Bang can not come up with a cause. This puts them in the non-scientific category.  Strike one.

The law of gases in a vacuum

How about the laws of gases in a vacuum.  Gas in a vacuum will continually expand and the particles will grow farther apart.  This contradicts the idea that gravity caused the gases to be drawn together to form stars.  Gases do not have enough mass to create the gravity to overcome the bounce effect of a collision of atoms. The atoms of gas will grow farther and farther apart.  Strike two.

First law of thermodynamics

The first law of thermodynamics states that mass and energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It can interchange with one another. Matter can be converted to energy. Energy can be converted to matter.  The amount of energy/matter always remains the same. It has been calculated that all the mass of the universe could not be contained in the singularity proposed.  Even accounting for all the space contained in a single atom, the singularity would need to be larger than our sun. How many strikes do you get before you are out?

Second law of thermodynamics

The second law of thermodynamics states that all systems increase in entropy over time.  To state it simply, the amount of “usable” energy decreases continually. Stated simply, all systems are headed for death.


We have already given enough evidence to send our opponents to the clubhouse, but let’s continue.

The Big Bang

Concept of The Big Bang

The Big Bang was invented for evolutionists to have the time they needed for life to begin by chance.  Originally, evolutionists thought that a living cell was just a glob of “jelly”. They thought it was a simple thing for the elements of life to get together and bring about life, given enough time.  But, today, through real science, we know that is not true.

Today, through great advances in science and biology, we know that life is far from simple.


The information molecule

When DNA was discovered in the first half of the 20th century, life became very complicated.  DNA was an information system that far exceeded anything science was aware of. The more we learn about it, the more we marvel at its complexity.

Every living cell contains DNA.  Every molecule of DNA contains a library of information greater than that of the Library of Congress.

So, what is that information used for?  The information in DNA is used to build proteins and direct the operation of each particular cell.  


Proteins are the machines that carry on the work of each individual cell.  The simplest living cell known must have over 400 active proteins to carry on its life function. (Just a note: there are viruses that contain fewer proteins.  But, they cannot live apart from a living host.)

Amino acids

The proteins are constructed from amino acids.  There are hundreds of amino acids, but living things only use 20 of those.  Of those 20, they only use the left-handed version. (Molecules come in left and right hand versions.  Living things must pick out the left-handed version.)

The amino acids are then assembled in a specific order and then folded in a precise manner.  The process must be perfect to form the particular protein(machine) prescribed. If it is not perfect, the protein is disassembled and the parts recycled.  These processes are accomplished in milliseconds in the living cell.

Chances of one protein forming

The probability of even one living cell coming about by chance is astronomical.  The probability of one protein being assembled by chance is 1 in 10^108. That is one chance in the number 10 followed by 108 zeros.  Even if trials were conducted at one billion per second how many proteins could form in 14 billion years? The answer: None. In other words, even the evolutionist’s Big Bang scenario does not allow enough time for life to form.

Chances of simplest living cell forming by chance

To go one step further and determine if a living cell with over 400 proteins could form.  The answer: The universe would have to be hundreds of times older.  

Not a chance

I think it has been clearly shown that the theory of evolution is not logical.  Its accompanying Big Bang theory is just as illogical. Both are based on chance.  The laws of probability clearly refute their possibility.

Logic demands that we look elsewhere.  The purpose of life cannot be found in evolution or its corollary Big Bang Theory.

Finding the purpose of life

To find the purpose of life, we must look to world views that are logical and conform to scientific principles.  Let me propose to you the Biblical World view.

Your Purpose for life

The Biblical worldview conforms to the law of cause and effect.  “In the beginning, God..” It presents a Being outside of nature and above and greater than nature.  A Being Who is “all-powerful(cause greater than effect), and fulfills the law.

In the beginning, He created the heavens and the earth.  Thus He brought about matter and energy.

On the sixth day He created His pinnacle of creation, human beings.

Unfortunately, soon after creation, His ultimate creation chose to rebel.  Because of this all of creation began to increase in entropy. In other words, it began to die.  

There are other areas that conform to the Biblical scenario.  We shall address them in subsequent blogs. But, let me encourage you to consider the logical worldview.  Compare it to the illogical view of evolution and the Big Bang.

Do your own thinking

Do your own thinking!

If you were like me and were taught the theory of evolution and the Big Bang, you might believe it.  But, if you take the time to reason and consider all the facts, you may change your mind.

Do not take my word for it.  Study real science such as sites like and science against evolution.  There are many more.

The ultimate source

But the most important source is the Bible.  This is the Word of God, Who describes Himself as One Who cannot lie.

Be thoughtful and be logical.  Reason, then decide.  Find the purpose for life.  Then you will know your purpose in life.

I shall be praying for you.  

God bless you.

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