The Real Truth About Climate Change

The Real Truth About Climate Change

One subject that you hear something about every day is that of climate change. It has been used and abused so much that people are wondering what is the real truth about climate change. I am one of those people who would like to know the real truth about climate change.  Are you?

The Truth About Climate Change

Is climate change real?

To hear some folks talk about it you would think that “climate change” is something new.  You notice that I put “climate change” in quotation marks. Many of you understand why. The phrase, “climate change” is an ambiguous term.

Those who promote “climate change” have purposefully chosen those terms. Do you wonder why?  


A little background

It was just over fifty years ago that “scientists”(notice the quotes) were warning us about an ice age. Their research “conclusively” showed an impending ice age. They had “the facts” to prove it. Within about twenty years “the facts” had changed and so had their story.

Instead of an impending ice age, the globe was now warming. “Global warming” was now the new mantra.  Future-minded TV series, like Star Trek, began to preach the new mantra.  After all, many of the science fiction predictions were now commonplace. (The automatic opening door when you approach.  Remote controls for all kinds of gadgets.) Surely, the “scientists” were correct in their predictions.


Fast forward twenty years.  The warming trend has ceased and leveled off.  The globe is not warming. Could the “scientists” be wrong again?  Far be it for a “scientist” to admit being in error. Rather than admitting that they were wrong, they changed the terminology.  It was no longer “global warming”, but now it was “climate change”.


What is climate change?

Many “scientists” stayed up many late nights trying to come up with the right terminology.  Time and time again they refuted themselves in their own research.  They were determined not to make the same mistake again.

They were determined to define the situation in such a way that it could not be refuted.  It was noted that attaching warming or cooling to the mantra that real facts could easily refute the claim.  So, the decision to divorce temperature from the mantra was established. It was not that they would not use temperature in their arguments, just not the mantra.

Does the climate change where you live?


So, what does climate change mean?

If the promoters are being ambiguous, what do they mean by climate change?

Let me say up front, that I believe in “climate change”.  But, I define what I mean. I live in a latitude where the climate changes on an average of four times a year.  To deny climate change where I live would be denying facts. Does that “climate change” mean that I need to surrender my rights and lifestyle to my government?  Of course, the answer is obvious.

So, you can see that “climate change” carries little importance in my daily life.  I cannot refute it because it is obvious. Is it something catastrophic? Should I grant my governing bodies more authority over my daily life?  Of course, not.

I do have to make adjustments at different times of the year.  But that is something I am well capable of doing myself. I don’t need a governing body to tell what clothes to wear or how to heat or cool my house. Hopefully, those in authority have set in place an education system that has taught me those things.


The real reason for climate change

The real reason for promoting the idea of climate change is not a genuine concern for people.  It is evident by the use of ambiguous terminology that the promoters are not interested in human wellbeing.  What is obvious is that government leaders are more interested in controlling the populace.

She knows more than you

Most often, those who promote “climate change” are either government leaders or intellectual elitists.  Quite often people in positions of authority begin to think of themselves as above the common people. This is normal for human beings.


Government leaders

Government leaders who hold positions for long periods become almost “monarchical”. They believe that they deserve their position and they should have sway in whatever they do.

They think they know more than you.

 That is what the monarchs of old used to think. This is what the dictators of today think.


Intellectual elitists

He knows more than you because he is a “scientist”

Intellectual elitists have a similar mindset.  Because they have attained a certain level of knowledge in a given area, they are above the common folk.  This is evident in how they address the common folk who by their industry make elitist’s lifestyle possible.


The real purpose is control

The real purpose behind the push about “climate change” is a matter of control.  The elitists of every generation have sought to elevate themselves above the common people.  This is a trait that is common to all human beings.

The exertion of power over other people is common among lesser advanced civilizations to the greatly advanced civilizations.  It is a human shortcoming to advance one’s self by subjecting others. Since it is common, we should always consider this possibility in any given situation.

In considering “climate change”, we must look at those who promote it.  Do they consider themselves to be the only authority on the subject? Are they willing to consider other views?  Is their “science” grounded in logic and reason? Will the results of their remedy bring about freedom or servitude?


Promoters of climate change

Consider the promoters of “climate change”.  Those who are most prominent and their backers are globalists.  “What is a globalist?”, you ask. A “globalist” is someone who believes that Earth should be ruled by one government.  Of course, the government they promote is themselves. They think that they know what is best for all people.

One world government.

There has always been a spirit of globalism since there have been people.  Just a quick survey of history will tell you that. Since the flood of Noah’s time, there was the tower of Babel.  They have wanted one world government.

After Babel

After Babel, we have seen the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks.  Then came the Romans and the Holy Roman Empire. In Asia, we see the Khan dynasty and the rise of Islam.

In the pre-modern era, we see the Spanish and the British empires.  The modern era has brought us Russian communism, the rise of Nazi Germany and Chinese communism.  All of these movements have had the goal of a one world government.

Stop!  And consider what would have been the outcome of such governments as these ruling the globe.  The answer is obvious. If you cannot see it, then you may be one of the elitists who wish to rule.


The real truth about climate change

Climate change is a ruse by which people who are blinded by their ambition seek to rule.  As I have said, this is a human trait. Even the beggar is motivated by his own cravings to gain power.  That drive is not lessened as one gains power. That power may be intellectual or political. Unchecked it will finally lead to destruction not only of others but of the individual.

In assessing the promoter of climate change, you should first determine their foundation.  One question that has been ignored these days should be foremost in your evaluation. That question is, “Where do they stand in relation to the God of creation?”  If they will not honestly and truthfully answer that question, you can know that you are dealing with a globalist.

The globalist, contrary to the definition, is only interested in self, not the people of the world.  Do not be misled by their feigned concern for the world. If they will not honor the Creator of the world, how can they honor the people of His creation?



Climate change is just a ruse by which one group of people are seeking to gain dominion over others.  It is not science. Science deals in truth and facts. Climate change is neither truth nor factually based.  It is purposefully ambiguous so as to draw in the unlearned and simpleminded. It is a lie by which a few seek to gain power over the many.


You decide

I encourage you to use your God-given intellect and understanding and consider the facts.  All of us have been given the ability to reason what is right and what is wrong. Unless your mind has been seared to reject the truth, you know what is right and what is wrong.

There is only one way to know the truth.  That way was presented by Jesus of Nazareth, when he said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”  If you are to know the truth, you must begin with the source of truth. Beginning anywhere else will only lead to lies and non-truths.


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