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This blog is a comment on an article which was published by the Smithsonian Institute on climate change.  The very fact that they have opted for the term “climate change” shows a real lack of substance. It is almost a joke to use such terminology in science.  Considering the fact that most of the population of the world experiences some climate change every year. (Excerpts from Smithsonian article are highlighted.

Is it global warming or climate change?

The reason that it was changed from “global warming” to “climate change” is evident.  The globe ceased warming for the past decade. So, rather than admit their error, they just changed the terminology.  That raises the question, “Are they really concerned about the weather of earth?”  

If one digs a little deeper, they may find that the weather has little to do with it.


We live in a unique era of global-scale changes caused by human activities. As a species, Homo sapiens (humans) stand out in our remarkable ability to alter environments to meet our needs. Our influence over ecosystems on Earth has led many to dub this era the “Anthropocene,” or Age of Man.

Our capabilities come with a cost as we grapple with how to handle the side effects of the alterations we’ve made. Prodigious use of fossil fuels to power cars, homes, and industry has caused the unintended side effect of global warming. Consequences include melting glaciers, rising seas, shifting coastlines, and acidifying oceans.

Is all this really caused by human beings?  Has earth ever experienced such weather before?

While shrinking sea ice is a visible indicator of change, people around the globe face unstable weather patterns associated with a warming planet.

According to the same scientists, they say that the earth has had such weather in the past.  It must be understood that these scientists do not allow for any evidence which might contradict them.  It may be noted, too, that they do not allow for the Biblical account of creation.

Divining the past

How we know past climate change

Yet, the Earth is no stranger to global changes in climate. Climate has changed continuously over Earth’s 4.5 billion year history. How do we know? Much of the evidence is chemical, such as variation in the types of oxygen molecules in ancient ice or fossils. Scientists use bubbles in ice cores (deep vertical samples of polar ice caps) to reconstruct the composition of the atmosphere.

They assume that the earth is 4.5 billion years old.  There are several tests that are used to determine that age.  Most are circular reasoning or apply assumptions that are questionable at best and totally untrustworthy according to others.  Of the 120+ dating methods used to date the earth, more than 90% prove the earth to be only thousands of years old.

For example, Smithsonian paleobiologist Dr. Brian Huber learns about past ocean conditions by studying the oxygen chemistry of tiny ocean organisms called foraminifera. Using fossil foraminifera shells extracted from ocean cores (vertical samples of sediments), he finds a record of climate change as far back as 120 million years.

Even using their own findings, “climate changers” admit there was global warming “before humans”.  Why are they so upset? They say that we are causing the change so much faster, and therefore it is catastrophic.


More divining of the past by the Smithsonian Institute on climate change

How we know past climate change

However, the Carboniferous was interrupted by several rapid warming events, the most severe one 306 million years ago. Smithsonian paleobotanist Dr. Bill DiMichele studies this warming event by collecting and analyzing plant fossils from coal mines and natural outcrops. Fossils from across Europe and North America reveal a drastic ecological response.

Also, the rate at which carbon is entering the atmosphere today is many times greater than the PETM carbon emissions. And, while temperature changes in the PETM appear drastic in geologic time, the rate of temperature change today is more than ten times what occurred then. During the Anthropocene, humans have been successful enough as a species to cause global changes in the systems that make Earth habitable.

By looking backward through time at how the Earth and humans have responded to changes in climate, we can better prepare ourselves for what is to come. Unique to climate change today is not only that we are causing it, but also that we can understand how. With our hands on the Earth’s thermostat, we will collectively decide if we are going to continue to turn it up, or not.

Why so concerned?  What if more of the planet became a little more tropical?  Is sea level rising or are continents eroding? Aren’t volcanoes raising more land masses? 

CO2 Levels are actually low

Necessary for life

Did you know that CO2 levels are actually half of what a healthy planet like earth should have?  Alarmists are crying about having 200 parts per billion of CO2 in our atmosphere. A healthy planet should have 400 parts per billion.  Should they not be crying out for more carbon emissions? 

If we are to have a healthy planet, we need food.  We need food for people, and for animals. The source for all our food on earth comes from the sun.  The sun produces energy which must be converted into a form that humans can utilize. That form is food.  All our sources of food are traced to plants.

Even if you eat a steak, that steak came from a cow that ate a plant called grass.  That grass used water and carbon to convert sunlight energy into a substance that produces energy.  The cow ate the grass and through its digestive tract converted that energy source into a steak. When you eat steak your body converts that meat into energy.  

Good science says that a higher level of CO2 would actually make the inhabitants of earth healthier.  So, why are the “scientists” trying to get us to cut CO2 in the atmosphere?  Is the Smithsonian Institute on climate change really science?

Greenhouse gases

Of course, the old “greenhouse effect” is enjoined.  They blame every catastrophe or extremity of weather on global warming.  More and more we are finding that this is not true. So, why do they persist?


The real reason

The real reason is not immediately obvious.  Yes, we are seeing some extremities in the weather.  But, if we look hard enough, we can find these have happened before.

Why weather?  If you were trying to bring all peoples and nations under one umbrella, what would you look for?  You would probably look for something that affects all human beings. It is a cinch that language would not work.  Currency can’t do it either. The type of government is not viable. Color of skin won’t work either. But, stop and think.  Weather that is experienced is something that is not affected by any of the other things. But, it has an effect on all people no matter of race, language, government or location.

If you wanted to control the whole globe, the weather would be the avenue to get your “foot in the door”.  Of course, it would only be the first step toward getting all nations under one rule.


Are your eyes opening?

There is one source that has warned about just such a thing.  It is called the Bible. Amazingly, every prophecy the Bible made of times past was fulfilled.  The idea of a one-world government has been the goal of many rulers. The Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Germans.  Every evil ruler has sought to bring the world under his power.

The Bible tells of a time that a final attempt will be made for one person to rule the world.  That final attempt will be made by one who is called “Anti-Christ”. That term refers to someone who is against Christ(The Anointed One – Jesus).

Just to let you in on the end of the story, the “Anti-Christ” loses.  It is worth your while to study the times. But it is worth your while to study the Bible.  By getting wisdom from the Word of God you will not be fooled by the great liar.


The real purpose 

The real purpose for the Smithsonian Institute on climate change is evident. The end result in promoting climate change is to subject the whole earth to one ruler.  Many will be fooled and taken captive by the “Lie”. But, you do not have to be. You can know the truth by studying the Word of God.  

Jesus put it this way.  “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, then you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

The choice is yours.  You can be held captive by “so-called” knowledge, or you can be free by the true knowledge of God’s word.

May God bless you and grant you wisdom in your understanding.


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