Tired of Not Making Money Online

Are you tired of not making money online?

I was too

For six months I searched and searched for the right method to make money online. I tried the ebay route. I sold things from my house that we no longer needed. That made a little money for a little while. But, I did not have the time to go and look for things that other people did not want so I could get them cheap and sell them higher on ebay. I upgraded to a store. I allowed them to take a greater commission for posting ads for my products. Finally, after breaking even after a few months, I shut down my ebay. Too much time and work and not enough income.

Drop shipping

Then I went to the storefront and drop shipping. This was supposed to make it easy because I did not have to maintain any inventory. Just a little bookkeeping and the drop shipper would handle all the headaches. That was the way it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, not all drop shippers are equal. They may have the product or they may not have it. It may arrive on time and it may not, or it may not arrive at all. Guess who has to deal with the customer? You guessed it! I am sure that there are some drop shipping programs that are just fine. But it only takes one to give you a bad name. The drop shipper gets off scott free.

How about email

Have you seen the one where all you have to do is pay your $97 for your email list and just click, choose the email for today and click and send them and let the money roll in. Of course, to be able to get “your money” you must attain a level which will take four or five months to get to with the amount of money coming to your account. By the time you reach the level that allows you to draw out your money, the payer says that he has raised the bar and you must make twice as much before you can make a draw. And for some reason you notice that the amount of income being generated by the emails is slowing to just a trickle of what it started. Of course, if you want to spend more money and buy a longer list, you can make more, or so they say.

Buy the list

Then there is the “Buy the List” folks. You send a reasonable amount and they will send you a list of proven money makers. When you get the list you check them out and sure enough it has a wide variety of “so called” for sure money making schemes. But, if you take the time to do a little research you will find that all these on the list are also on google and bing an yahoo. A little more investigation and you find out that they are just like all the others.

I am tired of not making any money online. I was ready to chuck it all. Then I found this.


For so long I had been, I won’t say lied to, not given the truth about making money online. They painted a rosy picture of how easy it was to make money online. You could click a few keys on your computer and then take it easy for the rest of the day. The reason it was easy for them is that they were going to take your money and give you a cheap imitation of a real product and then never have anything to do with you again. It took me three times before I realized what they were doing. The money they were making was my money that I paid them and then I never got the product that they said I would.

Needless to say, I was a little angry and ready to forget about making any money online. But just as I was ready to go look for a regular job, I read an article on how to build a business online and make money. I was quite surprised by the fact that they promised no easy money. They did say that you can make good money but it will take time and work and patience. They emphasized that I would have to gain some knowledge of how the process would work and that they would help me in that process.

OK! Here it was. This is where I put out the money. But, to my surprise, they offered to let me try the process for free for as long as I wanted. For the free product they gave me ten free lessons by which I learned ten times what I had learned in five previous make money online schemes. Oh, by the way, I also got two free websites, for free. It was amazing. So I decided to try the premium in which I get 25 websites plus I can also have 25 domains of my own all registered through their host. In addition I was getting five more ten lesson courses. One would think this is well worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Amazingly it only cost me $49 a month. I figured it would take me twenty years and $49 a month to spend the amount of money I spent on the useless schemes.

If, for some reason, I decide I did not wish to continue with the program I can withdraw and cease to pay my monthly fee and that will be it. I would have to relocate any websites I have, but they would still be mine. And they would still allow me to keep my free membership and two web sites. I am amazed.

If you think that you might like to try just one more time to make money online, just click this BUTTON. It will take you to a page where you can go and find out all the information you would like.

I hope this will help you in your journey toward making money online.

God bless you!





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