Was America Founded as a Christian Nation-Who Are Real Christians

A few years back the president of the United States declared that the United States was no longer a Christian nation. It was not clear whether he meant it as a criticism or if he was praising the nation. But the statement brings a few questions to mind. I would like to address some of these in this article.

Was America founded as a Christian nation?

If you take a surface study of the founding of the United States one might think that the United States was set up as a Christian nation. However, that is not the case. There have been religious nations set up in history. The most prominent one that I can think of is Israel. It was established as a theocracy. It was governed by laws handed down by God to them.

There have been other countries that claim to governed by the laws of their religion. The most obvious of these countries are those that are of the religion of Islam.

The United States was not set up as a nation to promote Christianity. What it was, though, is a nation that adopted the laws that were set forth in the sacred scriptures of the Holy Bible. Almost all the founding fathers claimed to be Christians or at least they recognized the God of the Christian religion. Though not promoting Christianity as a state religion, one of the founders, James Madison, said that without the spirit of Christianity that the constitution and liberties set forth would not be able to be sustained. They realized that without the moral foundation taught in the Bible that the nation would not survive.

Can America survive?

Though the Bible is not the law of the land, just about every part of the original Constitution and the first ten amendments can trace their roots to the Bible and the Christian faith. So, if the United States is to survive as a nation with the Constitution it was founded on, it must become learned in the principles taught in the Bible. That is not to say that everyone must be a Christian. Christianity is not a religion that forces itself on people. Christianity presents what is called “the gospel” to everyone and then offers an invitation to share in the blessings of that “good news”.

Contrast that approach to Islam. Islam is spread, not by sharing “good news”, but by forced subjugation. You either accept it or you die. The Constitution of the United States would never fit a nation that is governed by Islamic leaders.

A government based on the foundation of Christian doctrine is the only government that will allow diverse people to carry on a productive life no matter what their religion is as long as their lifestyle does not go against the foundations of living morally within Biblical guidelines.

The Roots of Christianity

If you know a little about history you are aware that Christianity’s roots are in Judaism. The first Christians were Jews. But the “Good News”(Gospel) was not just for the Jews but for the Gentiles(non-Jews), also. So, as the Good News spread, the title used to describe the new believers was “Christians”. That name was first applied to them in Antioch in what is now Syria.

You may wonder why they called them “Christians”. The title given to the promised Deliverer of Israel was “Messiah”. Messiah in Jewish meant “anointed one”. In the New Testament the term was translated to the Greek form which is “Christ”. Thus the New Testament title of Jesus Christ really meant “Jesus, the anointed one”. Anointing usually meant to empower that person for a particular service.

So, Jesus went about doing what He was anointed to do and completed what He was anointed to do when He died on a cross, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day never to die again. He was anointed to give that gift to all who would receive it by faith.

Christianity comes from Christ

Now we know that they were first called Christians in Antioch. Why do you suppose they used the term “Christian”? A little understanding and study should open our eyes to the reason. They did not choose to call themselves by that name, others did. Why? If we read the gospels of the New Testament in the Bible we see that they present the life of Jesus while He was here on the earth. What did He do? He healed the sick. He opened blind eyes. He made the lame to walk. He gave speech to the dumb. He gave hearing to the deaf. He raised the dead. He calmed weather. He walked on water. He fed the hungry with five loaves and two fish. He made fishermen prosperous with one fishing trip.

All of these events were known by the people to whom was preached the Gospel of Jesus. Those who were preaching the Gospel were doing the same things that Jesus had done while He was here on the earth. Jesus, Himself, had prophesied this, that “if you believe, the things that I do, you shall do also and even greater, because I go to the Father.”

So, as these signs and wonders were being performed it became evident that these people had the same anointing that Jesus had. One person may not have had all the gifts of the anointing but together they presented the same “gospel” that Jesus came to preach. Rather than calling the “body” of anointed ones, Christ, they called them Christians, little Christs. So when you are asked, “What does the term ‘Christian’ mean?”, you can let them know that it means “not the Anointed One, but an Anointed One.” To be an anointed one means that you have the same anointing on you that Jesus had on Him as He walked on the earth. That “anointing” has not changed. It is the same Holy Spirit that indwelt Mary and conceived the baby Jesus in her womb. It is the same Holy Spirit that descended on Jesus in the Jordan river when The Father declared, “This is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.”

There are a lot of people who call themselves Christian, but have no idea what they are saying when they do so. To say that I am a Christian is to say that I have been given a mission to fulfill and all the tools that are necessary to carry out that mission. Because the Holy Spirit lives in me it is really not me doing the things that are being accomplished. It means that things are done that without the “Anointing” they would never be done. The things that are done are no longer just the natural but the supernatural, even as Jesus did when He walked on the earth. The “Anointing” is what makes one a Christian, not just saying you are a Christian.

Original Question

Was America founded as a Christian nation? No, not really. It was founded by Christians who based its laws on the Christian teaching of the Bible. Because America was based on the Word of God, God blessed His word as He promised to do and blessed America more than any nation has ever been blessed. As long as America continues to honor the Word of God through its laws and legislating, God will bless her. But, if America refuses to honor God’s Word through its laws and national goals, God has no covenant with America by which He must bless her. The blessing or destruction of America is in her own hands. Seek God and be blessed. Or turn from God and receive destruction.

Where do you stand?

If America turns from God, where will you stand? If you turn from God, your Creator, you stand on the brink of eternity with no hope. The Good News that Jesus, The Anointed One, came to bring is, that He has paid the price for your salvation by which you can have a renewed relationship with your Creator and spend eternity with Him in heavenly bliss, and not with the devil in a torturous hell. Do not think that God will send you to hell. He has already done everything necessary for you to spend eternity with Him. He sent Jesus to suffer and die on a cross and somehow spend an eternity in hell so that you could be with Him for ever and ever. But God will not force you to receive His gift. If you wish to continue to live in your pride, you will doom yourself to eternal suffering in hell.

I encourage you, I plead with you, turn from your sin and pride and receive Jesus. You, too, can become an “Anointed One”, a Christian.

God bless you!


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4 thoughts on “Was America Founded as a Christian Nation-Who Are Real Christians

  1. Barry Bullard Reply

    It’s refreshing to see a fellow Christian really stand up and put this out there.  American was founded with Christian roots and I thin it’s really sad to see America forgetting this.

    I will definitely be sharing this with everyone I know.   We need more people reading this so we never forget where our country came from.

    God Bless!

    • Thomas Harvey Reply

      Thank you, Barry.  As we continue to stand and pray for our country I believe we shall see a might move of God in our land.  Because of that we shall be a blessing to the whole world.

      God bless you!

  2. Eric Reply

    Wow, beautifully written. Whether you are Christian or not, it’s hard to argue with the fact that this country was created on Christian values. These values create a system based on strong moral convictions that keep this country safe. You don’t need to be Christian to benefit from this. For those that do discover that Jesus is the way, will discover that after death, life truly begins.

    • Thomas Harvey Reply

      Thank you Eric.  America is truly a great country and it is because of the Christian principles on which it was founded.

      Thanks again for your comment.

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