Ways to Make Quick Money Online

I have spent several hours today researching ways to make quick money online.  This seems to be a hot topic. There are literally millions of sites that are related to the subject.

The headaches of making quick money online

Quick money- a myth

If you are interested in the subject of making quick money online, let me save you some headaches.  There is no such thing as making quick money on the internet. The only people making quick money on the internet are scammers.  If you can tell a good lie and don’t mind taking other people’s hard-earned money, you can. You will have to sear your conscience, though.

However, if you do wish to build an online business that will make you money, there are legitimate ways.  But, it will take time and a lot of patience. 

How do I know?  

First of all, I know because I was one of those who were scammed.  I was scammed not by one, not by two, but by three scammers. I really thought they would help me to make money.  All they did was take my hard-earned money and some that I have not yet earned. In other words, I went into debt.

I am not against investing money into building a business.  That is OK. But, for someone to lie to you about the length of time before you get a return is robbery.  Three scammers assured me that I would be making money before I had to make a payment on my credit card. I am quite certain that their pants have been consumed in flames by now.

The correct approach to building an online business

So, how should you approach building an online business?  You could continue to do Google and Bing searches and trying out numerous promotions.  But I would like to recommend a different approach.

There is a platform and an approach that sets you on a good path.  You will not be promised any “pie in the sky” or rose strewn pathway.  What you will be promised is a good foundation of knowledge and tools on which to build a business.

You will receive more than enough knowledge and support and practice to know that you can make it.  It will cost you some money but not so much as to leave you destitute. Over two million people have used this program to build a money-making online business.  Some have not. But, from personal experience, I can tell you that you can succeed with perseverance and patience.


I encourage you, do not fall for any get rich quick schemes.  No quick money schemes will build a business that will endure and grow.

What is my recommendation?

Best Online Business Program

So, what is this program?  The program is called Wealthy Affiliate.  It is a program that has been established for over 14 years.  As I stated before, over 2 million people have already used it to build successful businesses.

As an example, the two men who began Wealthy Affiliate still use it as the platform for their successful businesses.  They are still active in building and adding to its platform and support.

What you get with WA

The tools that are made available are the best in the industry.  Support is always available to those who need it. When I say, “Available”, I mean “Available”.  Most programs will try to answer any questions within 24 to 48 hours. Those are the good ones. Many take longer.  But with Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect support within minutes, usually. Sometimes it may take an hour or so. But, that is rare.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of people learning and sharing how to build an online business.  As stated above, more than 2 million have built successful and thriving online businesses. These people are still part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.  They continue to share their knowledge and encouragement with us who are still growing and building our business.

The developers of Wealthy Affiliate have provided not only knowledge and training but also tools.  The archive of tutorials and videos is growing every day. If you need to learn how to do something to grow your business, you can find a tutorial on it. The knowledge base is so broad that you cannot exhaust it.

How does one join this program?

You may be wondering how you can access this wonderful platform and program.  The question of the cost may have crossed your mind, also. Let me share the answer to these questions with you.

I am going to give you a link that will take you to a site where you can begin to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. (Click Here)

To begin, Wealthy Affiliate will give you a gift of a FREE membership.  In contrast to some “free memberships” you may experienced, this one is really FREE.

Next question

Your next question will probably be, “What good is FREE membership?”  If it were like other free memberships at other programs, probably not much good.  But, this FREE membership gives you valuable tools.

You will receive access to the first ten lessons of what is called “Affiliate Bootcamp”.  In these lessons you will learn how to set up your very own website. You will actually launch your website and it will become live on the web.

“How can I do that without a website?” you may ask.  Part of your FREE membership includes two FREE websites and FREE hosting on WAs siterubix.com hosting service.

Now, most other services free trial limits are for 30 days.  Wealthy Affiliate sets no limit on how long your FREE membership can last. Of course, your access to lessons and tools and support will be limited.  But you get to keep your free sites and free hosting.


Now, the serious part.  Remember I told you I had been scammed three times.  They took me for thousands of dollars. And none of them lasted more than three months.  I never heard from them again and could not contact them either.

Well, Wealthy Affiliate will not cost you thousands of dollars.  If I had started with Wealthy Affiliate I could have had could have paid for 25 years of membership with what I spent on the others.

If you want to pay by the month, which many do, it will cost you $49 a month.  You can save greatly on that by buying a year membership which is only $359. There is no other program that can compete with that.  And before you consider paying $49 a month you will have used the program for a month or so.  You will know if it is right for you or not.

Their goal

When you consider all the teaching and tools and support you get you will wonder how they do it.  But their motivation is not getting your money, but rather, helping you achieve your goals.

To price all the knowledge and tools and support you get, it would literally be worth thousands of dollars.  But, your price does not go up with time. It has actually come down.

Where to begin

Let me encourage you to try the FREE membership.  In fact, that is the only way you can begin Wealthy Affiliate.  You must begin with the FREE membership.

After you have experienced WA first hand you can then make an informed decision as to whether this platform is for you or not.  I believe that you will reach the same conclusion I did.

Let me leave you a chart of what you get with the FREE membership.  You can compare the FREE to the PREMIUM membership.

WA is not a way to make quick money online, but it is a proven way of building a business online.  

I hope that we have helped to relieve you in your search of ways to make quick money online.  Honest endeavor and consistent work are the true tools for success in any business venture.

I look forward to your success and your joy in building your online business.

May God bless you and prosper you!


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