Wealth and Health Care – Do the Wealthy Have It Better?

Health care in the United States is probably overall the best system in the whole world for taking care of its’ people. Yet some think that it needs to be improved and be more inclusive. I take a look at just a few points in the matter.

Is It a Right?

When organizers of movements set up their agenda they will often take the approach that these are rights that everyone deserves. It does not matter what the problem is, we deserve it, even in the area of wealth and health care.

Nowhere in The Declaration of Independence or The Constitution of the United States does it say that everyone has a right to wealth nor health care. It does say in the Declaration of Independence that “we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights,” but neither wealth nor health care was one of those rights. Many would try to make “the pursuit of happiness” a guarantee of wealth. But it does not say that the government will provide the means to get that wealth, but rather that it will not impead one’s endeavor to attain that happiness.

Neither does the Constitution guarantee health care for any. It has been a proven fact that whenever governments have attempted to meddle in or to run health systems it always ends up very expensive and very inefficient.

The founders of our nation, even 200 years ago were very cognizant of the problems which a government could bring about in almost anything that it tried to undertake. That is why the Constitution has more to say about what the government cannot do than what it can do. Lately, some of our leaders have taken the opposite view and want the government to be more proactive than the passive approach the founders intended.

What about the poor?

There has never been a time in the history of this great nation that the poor have been purposefully neglected. The United States has been made up of people, many of whom began far poorer than even the poorest among us today can imagine. Through the compassionate help and service of those who were better off these were able to work and attain a better in station in life without the help of the government. Undoubtedly, the foundational reason for this was the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which this country was founded. The founding fathers believed the Bible and so stated it in innumerable dissertations.

That foundation promotes the helping of one another, not through coercion or taxes but through love of fellow man.

How the government does it

If the Biblical way is because of love, then what is the governments way? You, no doubt, have heard of taxes. Unfortunately that word has become a dirty word in our society. Originally, it was not a bad word. Taxes originally was a populaces way of setting aside a given amount of money to maintain an entity for the common good of the society. In the United States it was originally set up to provide for the common defense and enforce the law.

Today, the government has gone far beyond that humble beginning. Today the government tells you what you can eat, where you can build, how you can build, what you can drive, etc., etc. In fact the government in many cases has abdicated its’ original intent begun to take rights that were intended for lawful citizens and grant those rights to people who do not wish to be law-abiding.

So, would it surprise you that the government would try to take over health care. Because of aging population and of government intervention welfare, the health condition of the United States population is the worse that it has ever been. With all that has been made available by the government for health care for those who truly need it, that we should see a healthier population. But, we do not.

Government never improves a system. When people helped their fellow man because they were motivated by love, everyone came out better. But when the government takes from those who have and turns and gives it to those who have not, no one is the better for it. In the welfare programs in the US it is estimated that only 15% of the monies collected makes it to those who truly need it. The rest is absorbed by the bureaucracy and the politicians. From all indications, that 15% which makes it to the so called needy is far too much. People on welfare eat so much that many are not just over weight but obese. Most have big color TVs and cell phones. I am not against these folks having these things, but that was not the intent of welfare.

What about the wealthy

The government is not against the wealthy, but you might never know that from the way they tax them. It was in the JS before taxes skyrocketed that the wealthy gave more to charitable causes than they did to the government. Yes, there were still poor people, but so are their still poor people today even with massive government taxing and giving.

Our government, though, actually penalizes a person for making more money. As a person reaches certain levels of income, the government takes a higher percentage his or her money. So when one reaches and then exceeds a certain level of income, they are penalized for exceeding that amount, by having to pay more money in taxes. So, unless they can keep on making more money they will be losing money until they make that percentage up in more income.

What government in its’ right mind punishes a person for making more money and paying more taxes?


It is a fact that wealth and health care are coupled in the US. It is not necessary except that those who run our government have used the health care system to take control of a higher number of our population. More people are dependent on government provided health care because the government has made them dependent on it through the welfare system.

The only way the government is able to fund this health care is through the taxing of the wealthy. Hence, the unlikely marriage of wealth and health care.


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