What Do I Need to Start an Online Business

As more and more people are becoming use to using the internet for purchasing items they are realizing the opportunities that are afforded for building an online business. One of the most asked questions in this regard is “What do I need to start an online business?” The answer to that question is what I would like to address in this article.

The first and probably the most important thing

The first thing you need is an entrepreneurial attitude. What is an entrepreneurial attitude? To be an entrepreneur one must have the desire to first of all provide a service which other people need or would like to have. You should not let getting money be the first priority. Getting money has its’ place and it will come if you exercise the right tools. If you skip providing a service or a product, you may make some money but it will not be a sustaining model of income production.

So, let’s begin by defining a service that we can render or a product that someone will have need of. This is quite often referred to as a niche. The more defined the niche, the better.

To give an example in how to define a niche, let us use the term “containers”. Begin with “containers”: “containers, boxes”: “containers, boxes, cardboard boxes”: “containers, boxes, small cardboard boxes”: “containers, boxes, colorful small cardboard boxes”: you decide where to stop, depending on the product or service.

The same approach can be used in determining services, such as: “carpentry”: “general carpentry”: “trim and finish carpentry”; “toy carpentry”: etc.

The more you define your niche, the less competition you will have to deal with and therefore the sooner you will begin to attract customers to your business site.

Once you have defined your niche, then what

Now that you have decided what you are going to promote, we must decide the avenue to promote it. There are several ways to promote your online business. If your business is a service type business that is personal in scope you will look to avenues that you can promote locally.

You may decide to use FaceBook or similar type storefronts to advance your service. FaceBook allows you to set up your own business page and you can purchase advertisements or promotions through FaceBook to promote your business. If you wish to have a business that does not take you away from your home, this may not be the one for you.

If you wish to work completely from home then the method that I would recommend is starting your own business website in which you promote someone else’s business with the goal of receiving commissions on the sales which are generated through your business website. This type of business is called “Affiliate Marketing”.

How do I start my own online business

To begin your own online business you will need a website. Once you have a website, you will then need to develop content for the website. Typically this is done by writing and publishing “blogs”, which are basically articles which are written that relate to the theme of your website.

Then you will define products which relate to your business and contact businesses which produce and sell these products and sign up to be an affiliate with that company. To sign up with these companies they will ask you to provide certain information and the name of your website and how you might promote their product. Of course, you would do it through your blogs.

In return, the business or product that you are “affiliated” with will provide links that you may insert in you website, either in the blogs, or advertisements in side panels or other means. When visitors to your site click on these banners, or links, and go to the product site and make a purchase, that seller will give you a percentage of that sell.

There are thousands of businesses which have affiliate programs and you can apply for as many as you wish. More than likely you will limit your affiliations with those products which can relate to your site.

How to get visitors to your siteSearch Engine

The first thing you need to do after building your site is to begin to build content. If you have little or no content, even paid for visitors will not stay or even click through your site to make a purchase from one of the products you promote. So, you need to write articles, which we call blogs, and begin to build what is called presence and authority on the internet.

The way people are going to find your business website is through search engines: google, bing, yahoo, etc. There are two ways to get customers: you can pay the search engine to put you higher, or you can earn a free high ranking by viable content and use of keywords.

The paid ranking will only work if you have good content to go with it. The best way is to consistently add content to your site through regular blogs. As you build content the search engines will begin to rank you higher and higher. This will take time, sometimes 6 months to 18 months. But when you do it by good content you will be set to make steady and high income.

How to do this

Starting your own business website may seem a little daunting after seeing what is involved. Let me set your mind at ease. There is a program by which you can accomplish all that we have mentioned above and so much more.

I am referring to a program which is called Wealthy Affiliates. It is set up to lay a good foundation for building Affiliate Marketing businesses, but all the tools are viable in any online business that you may choose to go into.

The program is not promoted as a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather helps you to lay the foundation which is necessary for a consistent and proven means of building a business that will bring steady income with the potential of great income.

My recommendation

My recommendation is that you try the Free Membership. Now, when I say “Free”, I mean “Free”. Some products will say they have a free trial, but it is a 30-day trial with a money back guarantee if you decide not to continue. That is not the case here. You do not give any credit card information. You get to use the program, in a limited format, for as long as you wish.

What will you get in that limited format? You will get 10 free lessons in how to build a business website and how to launch it. Now that would be of little use if you have no website. So, they will give you two free websites, hosted by their hosting service. You will learn in those 10 free lessons how to build and launch your site. If after that free trial you wish to join the Premium Program you may request it and can join either through monthly premiums or by a yearly premium. However, if you choose not to upgrade to Premium Membership, you can still keep the free membership and the two free websites with their blessings.

Let me leave you a chart below so you can compare the Free to the Premium Program. Look at all you get for only $49 a month. The services listed plus all the training if purchased separately would cost hundreds of dollars a month.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can start your own online business today.

Check the chart

Have we answered the question, “What do I need to start an online business?”  I hope that we have at least given you enough to begin your journey.  May God bless you!




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