What Does Living Life Abundantly Mean

Today very few people ever stop to consider what the purpose of life is. We in the United States think it means “liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as stated in our Declaration of Independence. But, really, what does living life abundantly mean?

Definition of life

If I were to ask you to give me a coherent definition of “life”, you probably could not. You might try to define it as a biological process in which “something” exists to take in food for energy and uses that energy to get more food for energy so that it can live. That is kind of like a dog chasing his tale. If that is what your life is, you need to get a life!

You may add to the above stated definition that the “life form” does this to propagate itself by producing offspring to carry on its’ life form. Is that what you call “life”? Going in circles so you can reproduce something else that continues to go in circles? If you believe that, then I can see why so many people live a hopeless life.


What was described above is not necessarily life, it is existence. Unfortunately, that is what most people are experiencing. They are existing on planet Earth and are going about the processes of intaking energy, food, and using that energy to get more energy intake so that they can reproduce more people who imbibe energy to get more energy to reproduce ….etc.

To claim that existence is living is a façade at best. Rocks exist. But we do not say that they are living life. So, people who only exist, no matter what they do, whether they dig ditches or invest millions of dollars or build bridges or govern nations: if that is all they do, they are lacking the ingredient called life.

When this existence comes to an end, then you will find what life really is. But then it will be too late.  Is it possible to know real life before the end of this existence? The answer is, “Yes!”

What mere existence looks like

Existence can take on many forms. As stated above, a rock exists. Anything that is made up of material substance exists. People who “just exist” can take on many forms. They may be a starving jungle native in some rain forest who finds his or her nourishment from the provisions given by their natural surroundings. Or, they can be those who live in Highrise Manhattan penthouses far above any natural need. If the abundance of things they have or the lack of those things is their driving force, then they merely exist.

So, it is not the abundance of or lack of things that define life. Life is much more than existence. It is unfortunate that most of the people who are on planet Earth are only existing. Their life runs the typical cycle that life has run for the past 6000 years or so. There is conception, birth, growing, learning, producing and acquiring goods, growing old, then dying.

What happens if you only exist here?

What a potent question. What happens to someone if all they do in this existence is to exist. Evolutionists tell us that that is all there is. As we say in Spanish, “No mas!” But is that true.

It is easy to understand how a generation raised evolution can be filled with hopelessness and lack direction when they have been fed the lies of evolution.

Evolution says that every thing that you see and whatever exists is merely an accident and has no specific purpose for its existence. If you believe that you evolved from a blob found in a pool of warm water to a conglomeration of blobs that happen to evolve by accident into a person, then you could believe that the only purpose for your existence is not a reason but an accident of evolution.

To only exist means that you are driven to get as much as you can of everything that you need and want. It does not matter what other existence has to be trampled on or made non-existent in the process of your advancing your existence. Existence, in effect, has no morals. Its only reason for existence is to exist as long as it can. After that, there is nothing.

How does one get life

First of all, life is more than just existing. Life is more than a biological process. Real life goes beyond this existence and has an eternal goal.

Where can you find life? There has only been one source that has ever been presented which gives “real” life. The laws of science tell us that “life only comes from life.” This law has never been falsified. Therefore, when someone tries to tell you that “life somehow sprung from non life”, you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are lying to you. The true source of life comes from the Creator of life.

In the Holy Bible, in chapter 2 of the book of Genesis we find that God created man and “breathed into him the breath of life.” So the Creator gave life, not just existence, as the rest of creation, to His ultimate creation, Mankind. If the Creator is eternal, and by definition He is, then He has placed in His highest creation a spirit which is eternal.

Even though Mankind was God’s highest creation, God gave him a choice. He could be obedient to his Creator and the whole earth would be subject to his dominion, or he could choose not to be obedient and risk loosing his purpose in creation. Unfortunately, mankind chose to rebel against his Creator and brought a curse on the creation he was supposed to be over. Ever since that day it has been man’s inclination to rebel against his Creator.

The Plan

However, the all knowing, all loving and all powerful Creator had a plan already in place. In the scripture it is described as “The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world”. You see, the result of man’s rebellion was that death came into the creation. That death which entered when man(Adam) sinned, brought hopelessness and fear into the creation. Adam and Eve were fearful and hid from their Creator. Their attempt to hide their guilt did not avail. God, Himself, provided the covering for their nakedness. Their life on this earth became a cycle of existence which would not be overcome with life until the “fullness of time” came in which God provided Himself a sacrifice in the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world.

Because of the death, burial and resurrection of His Son, God could now give Himself to all who would receive Him. Once again the Creator could breathe into human beings the “breath of God” and they could experience, not just life for this existence, but life eternally with their Creator.

So, what does living life abundantly mean? It means that you are not existing to go through a cycle that never ends except when you cease to exist. It means that you are not trying to attain things that someday will have no meaning or purpose when you cease your existence here. Instead, because you know that your Creator takes care of you, you can focus on helping and serving others who have not found “real” life. Because there are so many who need “real” life you will always have a purpose in this life on earth. Then when you pass from this existence on earth to the glorious life which is prepared for those who love God, you will find great purpose in praising your Creator for all His goodness to you.


If all that you have experienced is existence, rather than life, I encourage you to get to know Jesus. Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly.” The way you get to know your Creator and His only-begotten Son is by reading the Bible. If you would like a Bible, just leave me a note and how to get in touch with you and I shall see about getting a Bible to you.

Better yet, click the links below and download your own Bible.

God bless you! May you find life and live it abundantly.


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