What Is the Best Online Business to Start in 2019


You have wanted to make some extra income or maybe start your own business.  Your goal is to be self-sufficient. So, in 2019 you have decided to build your own business online.  The question is, “What is the best online business to start in 2019?”

What to do?

You have come to the right place.  I would like to share with you the platform that has helped many to launch their own business online.  Many have been able to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and concentrate on growing their own business. If you have the desire and drive to be your own boss, then read on.


What is the best online business model?

We shall “cut to the chase”.  The best business model on which to build an online business in 2019 is called “Affiliate Marketing”.  You may ask, “What is affiliate marketing?” Affiliate marketing is a business platform in which you promote certain products.  The products you promote is up to you. Typically, they are products that you yourself might use or are very familiar with.


How to set up an affiliate marketing website

We call affiliate marketing a business, and it is, but it is just as much an information platform.  The first decision you make in affiliate marketing is the area or products you wish to promote.  That decision should be centered on something that you are passionate about. The more defined the “niche”, the better.

You may start out with an interest in music.  You can then refine that by adding “country” to the music.  Further refining may narrow it to “women country music singers”.  The more refined the niche, the greater the opportunity of achieving success sooner.


Products to promote

Once you have defined your niche, you can decide which products to promote.  We are assuming that you already have a little knowledge of your niche. You now address which products you might wish to promote.  

When you have decided on several possible products that you can promote, find several suppliers of that product.  How do you do that?

Begin simply.  One of the biggest suppliers of all types of products is Amazon.  Check into their affiliate program. But, do not jump in too soon.  Just become familiar with their program and products that you would be interested in promoting.  Once you decide on the products to associate with your site, you can begin to build your business.


Building your business site

Now we come to the real work of building your online business.  Affiliate marketing is not a storefront in which you put up a product and its price.  Amazon does that, and they are good at it. We are not trying to compete with Amazon.

What we are going to build is a following of people of like interest.  How are we going to do that? We are going to do that by giving them information centered around the focus of our website, or niche.  The way we do that is through the means of a blog. A blog is simply an article that we write about a subject and post it on our website.

The means by which we attract readers and followers is through search engines.  Have you heard of Google or Bing or DuckDuckGo? These are search engines. By typing a subject into one of these search engines you can find websites that relate to any subject.  The goal of our website is to rank as high as possible in one or all of these search engines.


How to rank in the search engines

Search engines have certain criteria that help them determine how to rank websites.  One of the criteria is “keywords”. The term “keyword” does not mean just one word. It actually refers to a “word” or “group of words” which define a category or product or service.  The term “logarithm” is used in describing how they accomplish this end.

So, how does a website attain a high ranking in a search engine?  There are many areas considered, but one of greatest importance is content.  First, there must be a large amount of content. This is where the “blog”(short for web-log) contributes its part.  By consistently posting blogs to your site, you build a large volume of content. The greater the volume, the more the search engine considers the site as an authority.  Websites with authority rank higher in the search engine results.

To build a business which brings in thousands of dollars a month you must rank on the first page.  Second and third-page rankings can bring in some business, but the goal is first-page ranking.


Where to get the knowledge to build your business

What is the best online business to start in 2019?

As you can see, it is not the simple “build your website and let the money flow” that some promote.  Affiliate marketing can bring in great wealth if it is systematically built and maintained. Once established it will even bring in a passive income.  But even that must be regularly updated.

So, where can you get the knowledge to build your affiliate marketing business?  You can go on one of the search engines, which you have apparently done. There you will be inundated with so many opportunities that you may come away even more confused.

That was my experience.  In fact, I tried several of the promotions to my demise.  I lacked the knowledge which I am sharing with you now. Knowledge is the thing you need most.  The more knowledge you get about affiliate marketing, the more prepared to succeed you will be.



It took me five tries and $5000 to finally find a platform, or program, on which to build my business.  I hope that I can save you the headaches and the money that it cost me.

I found the answer to what is the best online business to start in 2019 at Wealthy Affiliate. There are many advantages that Wealthy Affiliate provides for you.  One of the first is that they offer you a Free trial. I cannot overemphasize how important a free trial of a product is.

Free Trial a must in an online business opportunity

There are many programs that offer a free trial or something resembling a free trial.  But, their free trial does not give a true presentation of what the program entails. Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free trial that gives you real knowledge.  In the Free trial, you get hands-on experience. You learn how to begin to build and launch your own website. They even provide two free websites and host them for free.  You get access to ten free lessons on how to build your website.

With the knowledge you gain in the Free trial you get a real taste of what the Premium is.  If you decide to upgrade to the Premium membership ($49 a month), the tools become endless. You will receive access to thousands of lessons and tutorials on every aspect of affiliate marketing.  

The tools made available to you are worth literally thousands of dollars.  Now tools and information is continually being added to the library. You will always be up to date on the latest tools and accessories needed to build and maintain your business.

The support is phenomenal.  The times that I have needed help, the support team has been there to answer my question in just minutes.  It is the best support of any program out there.


You cannot lose

With the Free trial, you will get a hands-on feeling of how to build an affiliate marketing business.

If after trying it, you think it is not for you, then you have lost nothing.  In fact, you get to keep the two free websites.

It has cost you no money because you do not have to register a credit card. You do have to register an email address.


Decision Time

You have asked, “What is the best online business to start in 2019?” and we have answered.

Are you ready to launch your business?  Make your decision. If you never start, you can never succeed.  Today is the day to begin your success.

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