What Is The Best Way to Build An Online Business

You know you want to start a business.  And you have decided to build it on the internet.  Now, the question is, “What is the best way to build an online business?”

You have come to a good place.  I have made the mistakes that every entrepreneur hopes to escape.  They were made because I did not proceed with knowledge. I hope that you will gain knowledge from this article so you can achieve success sooner rather than later.



The first ingredient that you will need is that of patience.  There are going to many promoters out there that will tempt you with “quick cash”.  There is no such thing. Money is only worth something if it costs you something to earn it.  It may be your time or your knowledge. But, it will cost you something. So, beware of the one who tempts you with any get rich quick schemes.

Patience implies a consistent and persistent application of knowledge in a given area.  When properly applied there will result a profit for the investment. At first, it may not be large, but with persistence, it will grow.  So, it is better to exercise patience in the beginning than great actions that do not profit you.



The term, persistence, simply means to keep on keeping on even when there are no big victories.  Some seeds take longer to germinate and grow to fruition. With patience and persistence, you will without a doubt get a harvest.

So, when you launch your business, have the attitude of “there is no quitting only succeeding”.



I mentioned patience and persistence first, but the most important is knowledge.  Knowledge is the foundation of any good business, whether brick and mortar or online.  So, begin by building your knowledge of how to build and run an online business. Not only do you want to build your business wisely, but to also run it wisely.  Knowledge is the only foundation that can sustain you as you exercise your patience and persistence.

The knowledge you learn will strengthen your patience and fortify your persistence.  With those three working together you will have what you need to succeed in an online business.


Product without knowledge equals waste

Product but no knowledge

There are thousands of sites that can help you start an online business.  Some will provide you with a site of your own. They will even stock it with products from companies that you will affiliate with.  I did that with two such providers. The outcome was a waste of money. And it was a lot of money.

These types usually promote their product as ready to make you money from the first day that you are online.  They build your website and stock it with products from your affiliated company. For every sale that comes through your website, that company will pay you a percentage.  

The idea is that after a while there are lots of people coming to your site.  They then click through to the company(such as Amazon) and make a purchase. The more “clickers” and “buyers”, the more money you make.

The shortcoming of the system is that they do not tell you how to get traffic to your site.  Without traffic, there are no “clickers”. Without “clickers” there are no “buyers”. In the end, you have been scammed.  More often than not, there is no way to get your money back.

One word of wisdom.  Pay through a Paypal account.  You have up to 180 days to refute a claim and get your money back.  If you have been scammed and used a credit card, still fill a refute.  Sometimes you can get your money back. 


Where to get the knowledge of what is the best way to build an online business?

There are many places to find knowledge about what is the best way to start an online business.

Rather than take time to list them, let me just share with you what I have learned.


My recommendation for the best way to start an online business

The program I recommend is one that has stood the test of time.  They have been helping people build their own businesses for over 14 years.  Not many online business building programs can make that boast. The two founders are still active in the program.  They use their own program to run their own internet businesses.

To date, there are over 2 million entrepreneurs who have used this program to launch and maintain their businesses.

The name of this program is Wealthy Affiliate. The program is made up of lessons and tutorials that teach how to build and maintain your business website.  Wealthy Affiliate also has a support team like no other business-building program. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can get help and support within minutes of posting your question or problem.


They also provide Free web hosting for up to 50 domains that you may have.  For your business, they provide 25 Free websites that are hosted for Free. If you purchase more web domains they will host up to 25 of those for Free


A community

The unique quality of Wealthy Affiliate is that the members are just like you.  They are building their online business just like you. The problems they have are the same problems you experience.  So, if you have a problem, ask for support. Someone has probably had the same problem and has an answer for you. If not, the experts will know the answer.


The tools

I mentioned the websites above, but there is much more available.  You have access to an archive that has literally thousands of lessons and tutorials.  Many are on videos if you learn better by seeing things done.

You will learn how to build your website and grow it.  You will learn how to attract traffic so you get the “clickers” and the “buyers”.

There is a live webinar every week on a different subject.

Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools that you will ever need to build an online business. You can build not just a business, but a successful online business.


The cost

You would think that a program such as Wealthy Affiliate would cost a lot of money. But, you would be wrong.  

First of all, you cannot purchase a membership in the beginning.  Every person who joins Wealthy Affiliate must begin with a FREE membership.


Free membership

The FREE membership is just that.  You do not register a credit card. What you do register is an email address.

With the FREE membership, you will receive access to the first 10 lessons in the business building archives.  In those lessons, you will learn how to build and launch your own website.

To be able to do that you will receive 2 Free websites, and Free hosting for them.  You will begin to learn the basics of how to grow your website and your business. Even if you choose not to move up to PREMIUM membership you get to keep the two free websites.


PREMIUM membership

The only level of membership is the PREMIUM membership.  The cost for that membership is $49 a month.(You can save on that by buying a yearly membership for $359). With this membership, you gain access to all the tools of Wealthy Affiliate.  You can purchase add-ons from different vendors, but everything you need to succeed is right at Wealthy Affiliate.

The tools and support provided at Wealthy Affiliate is worth hundreds of dollars a month.  But you get them for that monthly payment of $49. If for any reason you decide to stop your business, you can stop your membership, too.  Since it is monthly, you can just stop your payments. If later you decide to re-activate, you can do that, too.

In conclusion

I hope we have helped you in deciding what is the best way to build an online business.

I am convinced that once you taste the adventure of building your online business you will want it.

So, let me challenge you to click on the banner below and begin your FREE membership right now.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


Check out all the advantages of a Premium Membership in the chart below.


May God bless you in your new adventure!


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