What Is the Best Way to Start an Online Business Today

You have been thinking about going into business.  But you are not quite sure which direction to go. This much you do know, it will be an internet business.  Next question. What is the best way to start an online business today? You have come to the right place. In the next five minutes, you can make your decision and begin your adventure of building your own internet business.


Best ways to make money on the internet

Making money on the internet

There are many possible routes you could choose by which you could build a good internet business.  Judging from the fact that you are wanting to be your own boss you also want to set your time. If that is the case, let’s rule out the auction sites and the storefront platforms.  These will take as much or more time than if you were working your regular job.

You could make good money on these types of programs.  But to do so, you will work more hours than trying to work two jobs.  You can make good money but you might not have time to enjoy spending it.  These types of platforms are for people who want to take years to build a business.  They can succeed and make a lot of money. But, they may be worn out by the time they stop to enjoy it.


The best way to start an online business today

If you are looking to start an online business you probably want to work from home.  Almost any online business platform can be worked from home. As you see from above, some can be just as “haring” as real brick and mortar businesses.

The type of business you want to develop at home should be a little more time friendly.  There is a program and platform that fits that description. It is called “Affiliate Marketing”.  If you have been searching for a while, you have probably heard the term. When I first started looking to begin an online business I tried them all.  Once I found affiliate marketing I knew I had found the right platform.


How does affiliate marketing work

In case you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, let me give you a quick description.

The first step in beginning a business based on affiliate marketing is to decide what you like.  That may seem odd, at first. But as we progress you will understand. You may love sports. In particular, you love fishing.  You really love fly fishing. OK! We have nailed that down. 

Now, you go on the internet and find companies that sell things related to fly fishing.  Just about every company of any worth will have a website. At that website, they will have on their menu the term “Affiliate Program”.  You click on that link and sign up for their affiliate program. To do that you will need a website of your own.(We shall get to that in just a minute)

After you are accepted, the company will provide you with links with your code in them.  This will tell the company when someone comes to them through your website. If that someone makes a purchase from them, they will share a percentage of that sale with you.  They will pay you at a regular schedule through Paypal or direct deposit.

That is a quick overview of how it works.


The answer to what is the best way to start an online business today

The answer, “Become an affiliate marketer.”  That’s easy to say. But, didn’t you say I needed a website?  I did, indeed. But, that is not hard by any means. I’ll show you what I mean in just a minute.

I mentioned above that you should choose something that you really enjoyed.  We used sports/fishing/fly fishing. The reason is that your part of being an affiliate is to direct people to products that they really want. Your part is to write articles (blogs) about fishing and related subjects.  If you really love fishing that is not hard. It would be hard if you don’t like fishing. So choose something you really enjoy.

As you build your blog by adding articles regularly, you will build traffic to your site.  Hopefully, in time, you will have thousands of visitors every week. As they enjoy your articles they will see advertisements related to the companies you affiliate with.  If you do a product review they may click right through and buy the product. You will get a percentage of that sale.

So, your part is to provide interesting articles and present the opportunity to click to your affiliate company.


How do we get set up?

That is a good question.  Some people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to have someone else set up an affiliate website.  I do not recommend that. My experience did not work out well at all. I spent a lot of money and ended up with nothing.

You could go to a hosting site and buy your own domain name and pay them to host it.  But, then you will need to get somebody to build the site or tutor you how to build it.  You will still not know how to maintain or build your site.


My recommendation for the best way to start an online business today

Wealthy Affiliate

The best platform to start your own internet business is one called Wealthy Affiliate.  You may ask me why I think that. For one reason, I tried several other programs. I came away with nothing but debt.  

Wealthy Affiliate is a university of knowledge of how to build businesses on the internet.  It does not just give you a product, they teach you how to use the product. Their learning programs are extensive and intensive.  If there is anything you need to know about building an online business, they have it.  

Wealthy Affiliate is not here just to make money and leave you hanging.  It is a true learning institution.


Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s see just what Wealthy Affiliate will do for you.  The first thing they do is let you try it for FREE. When I say FREE, I mean FREE.  Some programs want you to register a credit card and pay for 30 days. Then if you don’t like the program, they refund your money after 30 days.  Wealthy Affiliate just wants your email address, no credit card. You can register your credit card after you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is for you.


FREE membership

How do you get the FREE membership?  You can click this banner if you wish to try it now.

With the FREE membership, you will receive the first ten lessons on how to build your internet business.  Remember the websites I mentioned? Wealthy Affiliate will give you two FREE websites and host them for you for FREE.  The first ten FREE lessons will teach you how to launch your website. Depending on how long you take to work on the lessons you will have your business launched within days.

These are actual websites and they belong to you.  You may decide to not continue with Wealthy Affiliate.  But, assuming you are serious, I am almost certain that you will continue.


PREMIUM membership

After working through the FREE membership you will have the opportunity to upgrade to the PREMIUM membership.  This is the highest level there is. All the tools of Wealthy Affiliate are now at your disposal. I will not try to list all these tools here.  But, suffice it to say, that to get these in any other program would cost you very much. I estimated it would cost me a thousand dollars a month to get all the services available at Wealthy Affiliate.

The cost of the PREMIUM membership is $49 a month.  You can even save on that by paying for the yearly membership.

I am going to give you a chart showing what you get in the PREMIUM membership compared to the FREE.



It’s decision time

If you are serious about starting your own internet business, you have found your answer.  Your own internet business is just a “click” away.  



Are you ready to begin the big adventure?




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