What Wisdom Is Not

Not too long ago we published a blog and asked what wisdom was and where it began. We found that true wisdom begins by respecting the word of the Creator of the universe. If one wishes to question that there is a creator of the universe that is OK. But to do so one must then go about to show grounds and logic to prove that there is not a creator. All science and logic are in favor of the person who comes down on the side of a creator.

A Priori

My “a priori” fact is that there is a creator. That creator is the God of the Holy Bible. If you wish to disagree or refute what I present here, you must present your “a priori” fact. What you present will determine your world view. Believe it or not, a world view determines one’s religion. Without a doubt, human beings are inherently religious. You may say that you are not religious or do not believe in religion, but your world view will give you away.

You may say that you only believe the facts of science and what it can prove. That is well and good. However, when you begin to study how the universe was formed or how stars and galaxies came into being, you are interpreting facts and making assumptions about facts which supposedly happened “millions and billions of years” ago. You have crossed over into religion. You cannot go back “millions and billions” of years to check your so called facts. Your “scientism” is no different from one who reads the Bible and believes its’ presentation. Actually, the Bible believer has more discovered facts that back up the Bible than the believers of “millions and billions” of years have to back up their religion.

So, I believe that I am on solid ground as I make this presentation. The fear (or respect) of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Beginning and End

If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, then what wisdom is not is the not respecting of God. In other words, you do not believe what God says in the Bible or what He says people should do if they want to be healthy or prosper or live peaceably. You decide what is right and what is wrong. In other words, you have become your own god. When a person or a nation decides not to follow The Creator they have started down a road that is devoid of everything good. The Bible says “The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.”


When this nation was founded it was founded on principles taken right out of the Bible. The structure of the government is Biblical in that it is triune, one government having three branches equal in balance. The Constitution was based on Biblical laws. Even with these laws in place the founding fathers clearly believed and stated that without a Christian and Biblical underpinning that this nation could not last. The maintaining of liberty and justice was totally dependent on the principles found only in the Bible and the Judeo-Christian foundations expounded in the Bible.

I could add more, but for now just let me point you to https://wallbuilders.com. You can find there foundational truths of what our nation was founded on.

Earthly wisdom

True wisdom is not earthly wisdom. Earthly, so called, wisdom brings about envy, self centerness, boasting and lying. It is sensual and demonic. It brings about confusion and every evil thing. When these things are present, then you know that this is not true wisdom.

I want you to remember the part that says that this “not wisdom” brings every evil thing. Not one or two. Not some. But EVERY evil thing.

Turning point

In 1963 the subverters of our Constitution set upon a plan to destroy the foundations of our nation. They had been working at this for many years but their plan was finally ready to be put into action.

The educational system of any country is its’ way of passing on its’ values to the following generation. In landmark decisions of Engel v. Vital and Abington School District v. Schempp The Supreme Court ruled that prayer and references to God could not be used in state schools. In justifying their decision the writer for the majority ruling included in his statement that the reason for their ruling was “that it might influence” the students. Remember this statement. The ruling was not founded on constitutional grounds. Not one article of the Constitution was sited as grounds for their finding.

In this ruling the Supreme Court, as I stated, did not quote the Constitution, but established a new law by fiat. They declared it, and since they were the Supreme Court it had to be followed as if it were law. By this time progressives, so called, had managed to work their way into places of influence and control. So it was just a matter of repeating the lie until everyone believed it to be true.


These days we hear too often of terrible acts of violence. It is bad enough when our enemies commit them against us, but more and more we are seeing our own children and citizens commit violence against their own countrymen. I hope that it has not become commonplace, but high school students are beginning to have a mindset that wonders when a shooting will happen at their school. Why is this so?

Remember the statement made by the Supreme Court justice. They thought “that the teachings of the Bible might influence the students”. What would be wrong with students being taught that it is wrong to murder. It is wrong to steal. It is wrong to commit adultery. It is wrong to covet. Yes, and what is wrong in worshiping a loving caring God who wants only good for those who follow Him?

New school religion

There is a new religion being taught in our public schools. It is called evolution. Remember at the beginning I mentioned an “a priori” beginning. Well, our school system is now the main purveyor of the religion of “evolutionism”. It was one thing to believe in evolution when Charles Darwin lived, but today with all the advancement in knowledge in every area from micro-biology to astrophysics it takes an enormous “leap of faith” to believe in evolution. It is truly a religion. But it is taught in our public schools.

The very God upon Who’s Word our nation was founded is no longer welcome in the main institution by which our values are transmitted to the following generation. The wisdom which is of the God of our fathers has been replaced by a wisdom which is not wisdom. It is a “wisdom” which brings every evil thing with it. It teaches that only the fittest should survive. That whatever feels good is right for you. It’s alright to kill a baby if it is in the womb. It’s alright to let someone die if they do not benefit society. Money determines right. When you die that is the end of everything for you. These are the values being taught to public school children. Is it any wonder that students come to school to kill and hope to die themselves? It’s all over when you die, anyway. That is what this “wisdom” brings.

Wake up!

It is time to wake up! Quit letting the TV and movies and popular music tell you what life is about or not about. Don’t believe everything you see on the news. Be willing to question what you are taught, especially if it is not logical. Ask for second opinions. It is good to respect those in authority, but true authority does not mind questions. True authority does not demean an honest questioner. It invites it.

Our educational system has been filling our youth with a sense of hopelessness lack of purpose. Making money is not a purpose in life. It will leave one empty.

The hypocrisy that we see in all these who are calling for something to be done about school shootings and violence is evident. They are preaching the same self centered wisdom that comes from demons. If you leave out the One Who is the Prince of Peace, what makes you think that you can have peace. The instigator of the evils that we see occurring today is called a thief. The Prince of Peace said it this way,”I have come that you may have life and that you may have more abundant. The thief comes but for to steal and kill and destroy.” Whose handiwork do you see in high school shootings and killings? Are you going to still keep the Prince of Peace out of your schools?

You have seen the results of over fifty years of earthly wisdom. Isn’t it time to wake up and change direction? Isn’t it time to return to wisdom? It is time to quit doing what wisdom is not.

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