Why Do People Believe Evolution-Can Christians Believe Evolution

Even though most Americans do not believe in evolution the scientific establishment is dumbfounded as to why people do not believe in evolution. It is a wonder that there are so many who do not believe the Darwinian evolutionary scheme that they have been fed from before beginning their public school careers.

I would like to approach it from the other direction.

Why do people believe evolution?

I believe the question stated above is far more a logical approach to the question of evolution. If you were to take a survey of American citizens who have grown up in the public school system a good many of them would say that they believe in evolution. Even many church going people believe in the concept of evolution. Why is that so? If you were to survey the scientific text books used to teach in our public schools you will find that there is only one paradigm for the presence of life on earth. And that is evolution, and all the trappings that go with it.

If you had grown up in a remote location where there was no interaction with any other society or peoples and you were taught that your village or town was all that there was and that there was no way to leave it or venture out from it. You were never allowed to read anything that suggested that there might be other locations and peoples apart from your location and society. If that is all that you were taught from birth until you were 20 years old, what is the likelihood that that is what you would teach your children?

That is what has happened in the public school systems of the United States. One would think that 90% of US citizens would believe in evolution. Most of our college graduates do believe in evolution, though they are so lacking communicative skills that they can not tell you why. Quite often their reason is that evolution was all that they were taught. It is as if they grew up in a remote location and were never taught anything else.

Why do you believe evolution(if you do)?

I must admit that even when I was growing up that evolution was the paradigm that was taught. Though it was not as overt then as it is now. Professors and teachers speak of evolution as if it is a scientific law. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you were to ask them why, there answer would probably be something like, “My biology professor said so,” or “We see it all around us”” or “evolution is change and we se e change in all life.” All of these, and many more, are good non-scientific answers.

If you were to ask your college professor to give you three scientifically sound examples of Darwinian evolution, how many do you think he or she might present. The keywords are “scientifically” and “Darwinian”. You see, Darwinian evolution says that a life form must increase in complexity if it is to evolve. Science says that you must produce empirical evidence to prove a hypothesis. That has never been done in the field of evolution.

So, if you believe in evolution it is not because you have been convinced by the evidence, because there is no evidence. If you believe in evolution it is simply because you have been brainwashed and have never even considered an alternative. Public schools and colleges and universities have programmed their students to accept what ever they are taught is to be believed and not questioned. A true education system would teach its students to have inquiring and questioning minds. They would want the things they are taught to be logical and reasonable and applicable in their lives and society.

Dare to question evolution. Look at alternatives and see if they are logical and are grounded on scientific laws and principals.

Can Christians believe evolution?

This is almost an oxymoron. There are some people who say they are Christians and that they believe in evolution. Let me tell you why I do not believe that a Christian can believe in evolution(Darwinian evolution).

For the Christian, the foundation of his or her faith is the Word of God, The Bible. The only way to find faith by which one can receive salvation and become a “Christian” is to believe the Word of God. We know from the Bible that “By grace we are saved through faith.” We also know that the “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”. If someone decides that they will pick and choose which words to believe and which are not to be believed, then they have decided right there that word is not the Word of God. If you will take the time to read and learn about the Bible you will know that the first temptation to the first man and woman was that what God said was not really the whole truth.

When you decide that God did not mean what He said or what He had written in relation to how He created all things, then you have fallen for the original sin. Now, we can repent of sin, turn from it and walk in fellowship and believing our Creator. But do not think that you can maintain fellowship with your Creator after calling Him a liar. Look what happened to Adam and Eve and all of their descendants, whose we are.

If you want to believe in evolution, you are free to do so. But, do not call yourself a believer in God and His only-begotten Son, Jesus.

The answer, “No, you can not be a Christian and believe in evolution.

How do we know evolution is not scientific

We can know with confidence that evolution is not scientific. “How?”, you ask. First of all, to believe in evolution you must cast aside several scientific laws and findings which have been established and stood the test of time.

Evolution stands against the laws of thermodynamics. If we are to believe evolution we must cast these laws aside.

Evolution stands against the law of bio-genesis. Life only comes from life. That has been established since Pasteur.

Evolution stands against the law of cause and effect. An effect can not be greater than its cause. In fact, the cause is ALWAYS greater than the effect.

Evolution stands against the laws of probability.

Evolution stands against every finding with regard to DNA research. There is never an increase in information in DNA from one generation to the next, no matter how many mutations there are.


There is no scientific evidence for evolution. We have sought to present a few reasons why people might believe in evolution. None of them pass the test of logic or reason. If you believe in evolution you have every right to believe it. But, do not call yourself an intellectual person. Intelligence will cause you to pursue logic and truth rather than blindly following what someone force feeds you.

Your Creator instilled in you a spirit that seeks out truth. Truth is always logical and reasonable. But if you have been blinded by your education and other people’s belief, you may be truly blind to what is true.

I pray that you will use your God given mind and intellect to seek your Creator and the wonderful things He has in store for you.





6 thoughts on “Why Do People Believe Evolution-Can Christians Believe Evolution

  1. Daniel Reply

    I must thank you for telling the truth about evolution. People are very confused today and they believe in some nonsense. I truly believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and theory about evolution is nothing more than nonsense. There is also people who believe in God but also believe in evolution and that is unbelievable.

    • Thomas Harvey Reply

      Thank you Daniel.  I must say you have a great name.  We live in times where it is necessary to take stands.  As pertaining to the Bible, we must stand firm and not be wishy-washy.  It is a day in which we need more “Daniels”

      God bless you.  Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Fredery Reply

    Let me be honest with you. I do not know much about this “evolution stuff” and yes. People believe in evolution just because, they learned about it when they were children. This is like that issue with the big bang theory, many peope believe that from the big bang the universe was created. However is you ask WHY they believe that, they will not know what to say. 

    I will research more about this topic.

    It was really interesting, thanks!

    • Thomas Harvey Reply

      Thanks Fredery,  If you have time check out some of my other articles on the belief of evolution and how it contrasts to the Biblical account of how this universe got here.

      God bless you!

  3. Lok Which Reply

    Evolution negates christianity. The bible says in the begining, God created the heavens and the earth but evolution says man evolved from apes and that cells evolved from hot molten magma. 

    In my opinion I don’t think evolution is through because I believe in the sovereingty of God and I’m an advocate of the works of creation by God. 

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