Why Don’t People Believe Evolution


If you were in the American school system today you would think that everybody believed in evolution.  But you would be mistaken. More people do not accept evolution than do. Why don’t people believe evolution?


The question: Why don’t people believe evolution?

Ever since the Scopes “Monkey Trial” in the 1920’s there has been a relentless march toward promoting evolution.

The Monkey Trial

 When the Federal government got into the business of education a primary thrust was to teach evolution. You might wonder why the government wanted to promote this teaching.

In every society, there is always some who consider themselves better than others.  Europe had the kings and aristocrats and the ruling class. In the United States, it was a little harder to get a foothold of control.  But as the twentieth century dawned they began to promote their agenda.



Their first main thrust was in the arena of politics.  It became evident in the early 1900s as the highest political leaders were coming from the second generation rich.  There is nothing wrong with being rich if you know the cost of attaining that state. Second generations do not value the ethics or work necessary to arrive at such a state. These leaders considered themselves above the general citizenry.

Politicians think they are above the common people


Through the laws and regulations they invoked, they began to mold the populace in their own mindset.  This approach moved the general thinking about evolution very little. It was not meant to bring them all the way to full-throated evolutionary zealots.  Something else was needed to finish the full transformation to believing in evolution.


Why do people believe in evolution?

This is the corollary to the original question, “Why don’t people believe in evolution.”  Many more people do believe in evolution today than did in the early 1900s. The reason for that is the tool that the elite Progressives used to promote it.  They used the tool of the education system to promote evolution.

The Lie

Some might think that it was a good thing that the government got into the education business.  After all, they have a lot more money and can provide all the tools needed. Of course, there are a few weaknesses to that argument.  

The government has no money of its own.  It only has money that it gets from its citizens.  They get that money by means of taxation. When people in authority begin to spend money which they have not worked for, they tend to spend too much.  Governments of any kind are no different. The further the governing entity is from the common man the more the waste and abuse of the power. When a federal government dictates rules, the common man is little considered.


Education systems

When the United States was founded all education was local.  Towns or counties built and ran the schools. Localities determined the curriculum, the finances, and the location of the school.  Most of them followed Noah Webster’s lead in using the Holy Bible as the main textbook. Those supposedly backward systems turned out some of the most literate people ever in the United States.

Just a little note of how well they did.  Did you know that the average age of beginning college students in the 1700s was 14 years old.  You might think that they did not know very much then. You would be wrong. To enter college one had to be fluent in three languages: English, Latin, and one other language.  Today, people get into college and are not fluent in English, much less another language.

The tool of indoctrination – education

The Progressives moved through legislation and judicial chicanery to take over the national education system.  Though the states maintained a pseudo headship, they were not in total control. By pushing to give federal aid to public school systems the federal government began to exert its power.  It was not long before all public school systems were subject to the authority coming out of Washington, D.C.


The curriculum is now determined by federal law

Now that Washington was well entwined with education, politics determined what was taught.  By this time politics had become a full-time profession for many people. Most of these were Progressives.

The term “Progressive” does not mean what you may think it means.  It really refers to the elite progressively takes more and more control of society.  Having established a stronghold in education they controlled what is taught as fact and what is not.  So began the delusion of educating a generation when they were really being propagandized.


A great tool for fooling the common people

One of the great tools for being able to accomplish this take over was science.  Science was the tool that would bring us to a higher level of humanity. But the Progressives were motivated by a philosophy known as humanistic materialism.  This was a paradigm which said that all there was is matter and energy and natural processes. That was all.

Religion of Evolutionists

They preached this philosophy because they did not wish to be subject to a higher being.  Their main enemy was the Bible and Christianity. Christians believed the Biblical account of creation and that all humans were subject to the laws of the Creator.  Humanists did not want to be subject to anyone but themselves. Of course, that did not apply to you and me, because we were to be subject to them.

When Charles Darwin published his On the Origin of Species, they found a tool to promote their religion.  They began to preach evolution as science. It took fifty or sixty years to get it into the education system, but they did.  With what was known then it was not hard to give what seemed like proof of evolution. So the humanists ran with it. Within fifty years or so they had established evolution as “real” science.

Their proof that evolution was real science was that almost all scientists believed it was true.  They had changed the definition of what science is. Science used to be something which could be tested and repeated and yield the same results in a given experiment.  Now, it was what most people believed to be true


Belief and Science

Humanists ridicule Christians who believe in miraculous creation as described in the Bible.  They say that it is a religion because “Christians believe the Bible with no actual proof”.

But, if you take the time to study each philosophy you may be surprised. Christianity honestly states that they “believe” the creation scenario presented in the Bible.  But, they have scientific facts which show the scenario to be being true.

The humanist evolutionists, on the other hand, speak as if there is proof in abundance that proves evolution.  When asked for concrete evidence and scientific empirical facts to prove evolution, they cannot produce one fact.  If they present a “fact”, it is usually a distortion or a “just so” story. No scientific fact backs up evolution. What the evolutionists have is a belief system.  

They believe one thing led to another thing which led to another thing.  Do they have any facts to prove or show what they “believe”? No! Evolution is, therefore, a religion.  It is a religion that has no foundation. It is based on lies and fairy tales and is totally contrary to the laws of science.


Is evolution science?

The amazing thing about the whole subject is not, “Why don’t people believe evolution?”  But the question should be “Why do people believe evolution?”

Evolution is a belief that calls itself a science, yet it is contrary to the major laws of science.  It contradicts itself at every new scientific discovery. Evolutionists praise themselves for being wrong when falsified.  Then they write a new “fairy tale” to cover their mistake. Evolution is a tool to keep people from coming to true knowledge.


True knowledge

True knowledge leads to goodness and prosperity in every area of life.  The only way to true knowledge is found through the knowledge of the Creator as described in the Bible.

 Those who preach evolution preach hate and discord. They are not logical in any of their teaching or knowledge.

But, they have managed to shape two generations with their lies and half-truths.  They constantly promise great things but only bring shame. They brag and are proud.  Self is the primary god of their life.


The facts of the matter

Since Progressives have taken control of our education systems, the results of our system have declined.  What used to be the best education system in the western world is now in the bottom half. Progressives promised that by abandoning Biblical creation science we would attain new heights of understanding.  But the facts prove differently. Their delusion of progress has been a decline of true knowledge.

The education system has become a means of indoctrination.  Instead of our children learning great truths, they are taught lies.  History is revised to fit the progressive agenda. Their system produces college graduates who could not have graduated high school fifty years ago.  

It used to be that to graduate from high school one must know how our government works.  Now we have congressmen and women who have no idea how our government works. At face value, you would wonder why everyone does believe in evolution.


The reason why people don’t believe in evolution

Because this universe and this world were created by a logical and rational being, logic is inherent.  People tend to favor the logical over the non-logical. They are created in the image of the Creator, though marred by sin.

Made in God’s image

 Therefore, people tend to reject the illogical and favor the logical. It takes many years of pushing illogical conclusions to convince people it is true.  Even after years of brainwashing many will not fall for the lie.


Because of that built-in image, many people reject the lie of evolution.

Then there are many who reject evolution because they have taken the time to study it.  They have found that it is grounded not in science but in fantasy. So many of the terms used in presenting evolution are not scientific terms.  Too many of them are fantasy terms. It is not based in logical progressions but in hopeful delusions.

Learned people who have taken the time to listen to both sides tend to reject evolution.  Those who promote it will pick and choose their proofs. They do not and can not disprove the facts against evolution.  Rather than logically refute them they attack the messenger. They belittle or make light of the person’s education or lack of publishing articles.  Humanists cannot logically refute creationists.

Evolutionists are as much religious people as people who believe the Bible.  The advantage that the Bible believers have is that their arguments are logical.  


Do you believe in evolution?

This is the question that every person should ask themselves.  The answer you give will tell you a lot about where you stand educationally and logically.  It is impossible for a rational person to believe in evolution when they know the facts of evolution.  To believe a “fairy tale” is to live in a world that does not exist. Belief in evolution causes disbelief in logic and the scientific laws that cause nature to function.

The real problem with a belief in evolution is that it puts you at odds with your Creator.  The Creator of the universe has clearly stated how all of creation came into being. He recorded it in the Bible.  It is stated clearly how He did it. To promote any other scenario is to call your Creator a liar. That, in essence, makes you the liar.

There are many who believe in evolution.  Many people don’t believe in evolution because they have taken the time to educate themselves.  They have learned to look at things with a critical mind. (Not a criticizing mind, but a thoughtful and considering mind weighing the pros and cons).  When all is laid out, evolution is not feasible nor logical. It is not scientific. It is a “tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”  That is why people don’t believe in evolution.


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