Why Wealthy Affiliate

Many people today are looking for ways to make money online. I would like to share with you Why Wealthy Affiliate is the best avenue for that venture.

What’s important?

Most people who are searching for ways to make money online do not have a lot of money to invest. So budget is an important element.

Another important factor is time. If you already are working at a job, you will need to find spare time. This may take some discipline. You may have to give up some TV time. Maybe game time will have to go by the wayside. You may have to give up a couple of hours of sleep if you sleep a lot.

But without a doubt, there will need to be some changes in your lifestyle. You will know best where those changes should be made. But, if circumstances are to improve, changes must be made.

Addressing your situation

I do not know your time situation, so I shall leave that area to you. What I may address is the finances involved.

You know how much money you have available. I am going to suggest an avenue that I know will be the most economical for the average person.


If you search the internet, and I know you do, there are many opportunities that are offered. The promises are extravagant. Most of the programs all but guarantee that you will get rich and get rich quick.

That last sentence should be a “red flag” for you. If they promise that you will get rich fast, mark them off the list immediately. The only one who gets rich fast is the person who will be taking your money.

Those that promise you that you will get rich should be taken with “a grain of salt”. That means, you may get rich, but there are other factors involved.

Why build an online business?

If most of the online business promoters are shysters, why should you believe me? You should be wise and not believe me completely. What you should do is try the products for yourself. But, that would cost money, and I do not have lots of money. That is a very good point.

So, what I am recommending will cost you no money to try out. How can that be? Well, the program that I recommend has just that type of introductory offer.

That program is Wealthy Affiliate. Every person who has used Wealthy Affiliate has begun as a FREE member. (There are over 2 million members that have used it over the past 14 years). Of course, the FREE membership does not make all the tools available to you. But, it does give you a free website and hosting and the lessons that help you launch that site. You can keep that free website and FREE membership forever.

But, if you are serious about building an online business, you will want to purchase a PREMIUM membership. With that membership you have access to all the tools of Wealthy Affiliate. To list all of those tools would be impossible to do in this blog. I shall give you a chart that will give you a general idea of what is available. You will begin to get some idea of why Wealthy Affiliate is the program I recommend.

What is the cost?

To me, the cost is why Wealthy Affiliate is the premier program for building your online business.

Many online business builder programs ask for extravagant sums for their service. I literally wasted over $10,000 on programs trying to build an online business. They promised I would make money within a couple of weeks. Support would be only a phone call away. And all this for only $5000.

Others used a different approach. Just $500 and they will build you an online site. You can sell your own products or others. Of course, the biggest attraction was being an Amazon affiliate. There are many Amazon-related affiliate websites that make decent money for their owners. But, if you do not know how to attract traffic, you cannot compete. If you want to know how to do that, it will cost you extra. That extra soon mounts up into thousands of dollars.

Ways to build an online business

Yes, there are many ways to build an online business. But, you might just as well resign your day job if you are going to research them all. Then you will put out cash to learn how to do them. And it will take time to build your business to a money-making level.

Why Wealthy Affiliate is the best tool

So, why Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s look at money first. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate costs money. But, as I noted above, you get a FREE taste to begin. If you do not like what you see, forget it. You have lost nothing but a little of your time. If you are like most, you have more of that than you do money.

Suppose you like what you see. How much money is it going to cost you?

There is only one paid membership level. That is the PREMIUM membership. The PREMIUM membership costs $49 a month. (Yes, there is a yearly purchase fee which is 40% less, but that’s for later.)

For the PREMIUM membership fee, you get ALL the tools and knowledge you will need to build your business. This includes 10 free websites and free hosting for those websites. Also included are the archives of tutorials and lessons numbering in the thousands. These archives are continually growing as information increases. This is one of the main reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is the best tool to build your business.


Support is important for any online business. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is the best program for building an online business. Support is available 24 hours a day. It comes from the best source. That source is people who have built successful online businesses. Response time is in minutes, days or hours. (In my experience, the longest I have waited for response has been 20 minutes.)

Suppose you decide not to continue with Wealthy Affiliate after six months. All you have to do is cancel your membership and stop your payments. That way you are only out the amount you have paid in monthly premiums. (That might amount to a couple of hundred dollars, but not thousands, like some other programs.) But, you have gained knowledge and can better assess your approach to building an online business.

Why Wealthy Affiliate? Why not Wealthy Affiliate?

So, the question is not, “Why Wealthy Affiliate?”, but, “Why not Wealthy Affiliate?” If you are truly serious about building your online business you owe it to yourself to check Wealthy Affiliate.

It is FREE to begin and reasonable in its cost. Provides knowledge that enables you to build any kind of online business that you might choose. It has unparalleled support for all its members. Is on the cutting edge of developing tools for building your online business.

If you are serious about building your online business, do something positive, now.

Click on the banner below and begin your FREE membership of Wealthy Affiliate. There is no time limit and you can move at your own pace. But, if you never begin, you will never build your online business.

Why Wealthy Affiliate? Because it works!

I wish you well. May God bless you and prosper you in your new adventure.

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