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Have ever thought that you would like to be your own boss?  Has the thought “Maybe I could work for myself online” ever crossed your mind?  The opportunity to do both of these has never been more available. Let me share with you a few thoughts on how you might do just such a thing.


Work for myself at home

Today’s entrepreneurs are more and more looking at working from home.  With the proliferation of computers and easy access to the internet, almost anyone can start a business.  

If you are the least bit creative and enjoy a particular hobby or interest, you can build an online business.  It does not matter what the area of your interest is. If you are passionate about it you can build your online business around it.


The tools

What you need

To build your business will not take a lot of tools.  There are two that are necessary, though. The first is a computer.  Either a desktop or a laptop is preferable. It must have enough ROM, at least 100 GB or thereabout.  And it should have at least 4 GB of RAM. Almost all computers have at least that much capacity.

Another tool is access to the internet.

You need this, too.

Most people have this these days if they have a computer.  If not, you can always take your laptop to the nearest eatery that has wifi.

The most important tool is a desire to learn and achieve new goals.  If you have a passion for the area of your business, that will come naturally.  Along with the passion must come a good dose of patience. All good businesses take time to grow and get established.  Your “be your own boss” business will be no different.


The best platform for your business

Not all work from home online jobs are the same.  As mentioned above, your type of business should mirror your passion.

If you’re a great salesman and love to make deals, a storefront type of business might be your website.  You can stock products related to your niche interest. Price them in such a way that you have room to negotiate.  Or you could auction different products.



If the storefront is your choice you can ally with a couple of platforms set up for that.  They are Bonanza and Ebay. They were originally auctioning entities but have morphed into storefronts for their users lately.

If you prefer to have your own unique store you can choose platforms such as Shopify or Volusion.  These are template type of platforms that are structured for online store.


 Bonanza and Ebay

Bonanza and Ebay are free to join.  They require an email address and a Paypal account.  Each of those is simple to acquire if you do not already have one.  

Ebay will allow you to list up to a certain number with the free membership.  If you wish to list more you can purchase a storefront for a price.  

Bonanza requires the same email and Paypal account information.  You can list as many products as you wish. There is no limit.

For the Free membership, each will only take money when you make a sale.  The amount, with the Paypal fee, will be from 10% to 18% depending on the program you are in.  Bonanza is a little less expensive than Ebay.


Shopify and Volusion


You must purchase these platforms and pay an ongoing fee for its use.

Shopify and Volusion are set up to be stores.  They each have templates by which you insert your products.  You will usually price your products so that you make a profit after paying the supplier and shipping.

Your product inventory is usually built around the theme of your store.  A niche store might focus on men’s ties or women’s earrings. The types of stores are almost infinite.


Where to get products

You may be wondering just where you will get and store all of your products.  That’s the good part. You do not have to get them or store them. When building your online store you will ally yourself with certain product merchants.  Of course, these merchants will be those associated with your niche products.

To ally yourself with them, you must set up an account with them.  You will register an email address and a credit card with the supplier.  Once your account is set up, the supplier will allow you to access his inventory.  You can take that information and enter it into your website store. You will already know your wholesale price, so you can mark it up to your sale price.

Many suppliers have already factored in the shipping costs, but not all.  Make sure you check. When you make a sale, you receive payment from a customer.  They pay you the retail price. You receive that money in your Paypal account. You then take from that amount the wholesale price and pay the supplier.  He will then take care of shipping the product to the address you specify.

You do not need to have an inventory or worry about shipping.  Just make sure you have charged enough to pay any fees to Ebay, Bonanza, and Paypal.  


The shortcomings

The only real shortcoming of storefront type online business is the time consumption.  Be ready to put in as many hours as you might in a real store. That is, of course, if you plan to make a lot of money.  If you wish to remain a small business, put in less time.


Be your own boss – best idea

For me, the best home job for anyone is what is called “affiliate marketing”.  You may ask, “What is affiliate marketing?”

I am so glad you asked.  Let me explain what “affiliate marketing” is.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not exactly descriptive of what you are doing when that is your business model.  Let me break the terminology down,  



The term is almost self-explanatory.  To “affiliate” with someone or something means to come alongside or to be associated with someone or something.  Even in affiliate marketing you choose a niche that you are interested in. The thrust of your website is not so much to promote many products.  Rather, through blogging, you will point people to a group of products, or one particular product.


The means of promotion

Your website is what is called a blog.  The term is short for weblog. A blog is basically articles written on subjects that relate to the niche that is your interest.  

The means by which you will make an income is through referrals to the products that you are affiliated with.


How it works for me

For instance.  I am a singer/musician and love classical music.  Recording my singing is part of the niche that I promote.  So, I have affiliated with a company that sells sheet music and music books.  I have also affiliated with a company that sells quality recording equipment.  

My articles are about musicians and music that I like.  Usually on the site, I will have an advertisement and a link to one of the companies.  Sometimes it is just an incidental mention. Other times it is a call to action to make a purchase from the company.  The overall emphasis is the information in the article.

As I grow my site and I get better rankings in the search engines, more and more people visit my site. With more and more people visiting my site, some of them will click through and purchase from my associates.  When they make a purchase, the product company will pay me a percentage of that purchase. That is usually from 6% to 15% of the purchase amount. It may not sound like a lot, but as your traffic grows, so will your income.


Your goal

Your goal as an affiliate marketer is to present interesting articles that people like to read.  Over time you will build a following. As you do, you will rank higher and higher in the search engines.  When you make the first page you will be having thousands of visitors per day to your site.

If you rank on the first page you may have a million clicks a month.  That is not out of the ordinary. When I say,” First page”, I mean in your “keyword” niche.  If 1% click through to your associate link, that is 10,000. Then, if 1000 buy $20 worth, that is $20,000.  If you make 10%, you make $2000. All you did was write a good article. This is not an uncommon scenario.  But it takes time and patience and persistence to achieve.

As more and more of your blogs get high ranking in search engines, you will sell more.  You will determine how much you will succeed. But the goal is to share your passion and knowledge.  The sales will come as a result of great content.


The best platform for affiliate marketing

The best platform for affiliate marketing is one that I discovered through trial and error.  I made several errors along my search. So, I know many of the bad ones, but I also know the best.  

The best platform is one that has been used by over one million people to build successful online businesses. It was begun over fourteen years ago by two young men who built their own successful businesses.  They decided to help others do the same. So they began what today is known as Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate, the best work for myself online program

Wealthy Affiliate is confident that they can help you build your business.  So confident that they will allow you to try a limited version for FREE. You do not have to register a credit card.  All you need to register is an email address.

With that FREE version, you will receive 10 free lessons on how to begin your online business.  You will also receive 2 FREE websites hosted for FREE. By the time you finish the 10 FREE lessons, you will have your website up and running.

If you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is the program for you, then you can join the PREMIUM membership.  The PREMIUM membership costs $49 a month. You save 15% by purchasing the yearly membership.  

At the bottom, I shall post a chart showing what all you can receive with that PREMIUM membership.


Just a few things in the Premium membership

Here are a few of the benefits you get with the PREMIUM membership. 

  • 25 Free websites hosted for Free
  • 25 more domain hostings for Free
  • Free keyword search machine
  • Unlimited lessons and tutorials
  • 24 hour support that returns answers in minutes
  • Thousands of fellow affiliate marketers


There are a lot more things that will be available to you.  If you were to do this on your own, it would cost you thousands of dollars a year.



I recommend that you try the FREE program beginning right now.  Give yourself a week or so to get a feel for building your site and launching it.  If after getting more familiar with Wealthy Affiliate you decide to join, then great.  But, if for some reason you think it is not for you, just say “GoodBye”.  

My goal was to work for myself online.  If that is your goal, now is your opportunity.

It will cost you nothing and you will have learned more about working for yourself online.


Go to the bottom of the chart and click the “Create Your Account Today” button.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


God bless you!



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