You Can’t Get Beans if You Don’t Plant

A while back I wrote an article on “Seeds to Make Money”. Most of us have grown up in a society that is instant. Breakfast is popped in the microwave and ready in a minute. Or you drive through and get your meal almost immediately. We have fast food, fast delivery and fast sleep. We have remote control everything so we never have to move to accomplish almost anything.

Lasting results

Is it any wonder that the things we strive for are not lasting realities but they, too, are instantly gotten and just as quickly lost. The idea that a thing worth having is worth the time and effort to bring it about. Anything of lasting value and worth will of necessity take time and effort to be brought about. Things that are built quickly tend to disappear quickly. Things of enduring value will no doubt be infused with time and knowledge. It will also be a continuing project maintenence and building. Things of real value never decrease, they increase.


The mindset of people who build quality are people of knowledge. They know that if you do not plant the seeds you do not get the crop. If you do not plant the seeds of knowledge and patience in your work you do not get quality. Sure, a McDonald’s hamburger is alright, but it cannot compare to a Del Monico’s New Your strip. Quality takes time and it must be mixed with knowledge and patience. When these come together you will find a product that is in demand and that will stand the test of changing times and fads.

The approach is that “I am here for the long haul. What ever it takes is what I will do.”

The challenge

Do you have what it takes to meet the challenge. Are you mature enough and willing enough to put in the time and exercise the patience that is needed to make a successful online business? Can you persevere when it looks as if nothing is happening and keep on doing what you know will bring success? Can you keep on planting seeds and cultivating when there are no “beans” yet?

If you think you have what it takes, let me point you in the right direction. There is a program that has been developed over the past 15 years that will make money online for anyone who is willing to learn and apply and persevere. Everyone who has joined the program and with patience has run the course has made money. Yes, there are some who have dropped out and did not succeed, but that was their choice. Those who have stayed in the program at least a year have all succeeded in making money. It is not get-rich-quick. It does not happen overnight. You have to plant the seed and then cultivate it and water it and endure patiently. Then comes the harvest. And it will come. It is a proven process.

Are you up to the challenge

Here is your challenge. I challenge you to try the free version(yes I said “free”) of Wealthy

Affiliate. With the free version you will get 10 free lessons on how to set up a website and an online business. You will receive 2 free websites and the lessons and tools needed to build your online business. You may use the free version and use the free web sites for as long as you wish. But if you realize the great opportunity presented you may wish to upgrade to the premium. There are no more upgrades after that. You also get 25 free web sites and 25 free domain hostings of your own. That alone is worth more than the monthly fee. You will get 50 more lessons in developing your website and business and the 70 more lessons in developing your business to its’ max. You have an almost unlimited library of training videos and training tools. There are thousands of WA members who are willing to help and to encourage. There are more advantages and tools than I can name in this short article.

How much will this cost? The cost is $49 a month. That comes out to just under $600 a year. I spent ten times that on one scheme that left me with nothing except a website that crashed. If for some reason you do not wish to continue after joining the program just quit paying the monthly fee and end your membership. But, listen to this. Keep your free membership and your two free sites and work them as long as you wish.

If you think you have the desire and are willing to put in a minimal amount of time consistently and have the will to persevere until the crop comes in, then check the BUTTON below for information on how to join Wealthy Affiliates. The founders of WA have been offering this for over 15 years and they are still hands on and turning out affiliates who make money on a consistent basis. This is your opportunity. Click the BUTTON and begin the adventure.


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